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I love these
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Aug 21, 2019 11:26:22   #
Earnest Botello Loc: Hockley, Texas
#3 for me today, Bill.

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Aug 21, 2019 11:32:00   #
CLF Loc: Raleigh, NC
Snap Shot wrote:
Comments Welcomed!

Bill, I understand why you love them. The entire set is fantastic and even using DDLs I will pick all three as winners.


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Aug 21, 2019 12:54:57   #
Jim Plogger Loc: East Tennessee
Beautiful set.

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Aug 21, 2019 15:51:18   #
Indiana Loc: Huntington, Indiana

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Aug 21, 2019 15:55:41   #
marsdad Loc: NE Florida
#1-love it

#2- super


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Aug 22, 2019 04:16:13   #
Snap Shot Loc: California
nanaval wrote:
Very good Bill..

Thanks Val! Always appreciated!

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Aug 22, 2019 04:21:36   #
Snap Shot Loc: California
Dr J wrote:
The flower in the last one really got my attention! Excellent! What lighting do you use for these, if you don’t mind sharing? Thank you!

Thanks for commenting and voting Dr J! I shot them at the Market! No lighting other than that! It's always nice to see a new visiter!

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Aug 22, 2019 04:23:47   #
Snap Shot Loc: California
DragonsLady wrote:
1. Before the show
2. Okay girls, straighten up!
3. Ah - The Asian Star of the show is primed and ready.

Thanks for the comments as always and your vote DragonsLady! Always appreciated!

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Aug 22, 2019 04:25:32   #
Snap Shot Loc: California
Tazzy wrote:
Good morning, the last one is my favorite, both for color & the lily as a focal point. The background flowers are subtle which really shows off the lily

Thanks for the helpful critique and vote Tazzy! That's my favorite too!

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Aug 22, 2019 04:27:34   #
Snap Shot Loc: California
Annie-Get-Your-Gun wrote:
That last one is a show-stopper! You never fail to post some interesting blossom arrangements, Bill.

Thanks so much for the kind reply and vote Annie-Get-Your-Gun! Always appreciated!

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Aug 22, 2019 04:29:12   #
Snap Shot Loc: California
crafterwantabe wrote:
These are fantastic, I love the last one ...

Thanks so much Crafter! That's my favorite too! Always appreciated!

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Aug 22, 2019 04:31:44   #
Snap Shot Loc: California
Cwilson341 wrote:
Three for me, Bill. I like the composition and the soft colors.

Thank you for commenting and voting Carol! I think most like #3 best!

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Aug 22, 2019 04:34:02   #
Snap Shot Loc: California
Sylvias wrote:
I love #3 Bill. The download is so beautiful, excellent composition and pp.

Thanks Sylvia for commenting and your vote! I really like the way 3 processed out!

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Aug 22, 2019 04:37:03   #
Snap Shot Loc: California
bellgamin wrote:
I admire all 3 but #2 grabbed me the most -- it shows the golden ratio in all its astonishing splendor.

Thank you for your kind reply and vote bellgamin! It's always nice to see a new visitor!

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Aug 22, 2019 04:38:38   #
Snap Shot Loc: California
Dixiegirl wrote:
And so do I, Bill. Very dramatic on the dark backgrounds.

Thanks so much for the vote Donna! Very much appreciated!

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