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Who owns that tattoo?
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Mar 14, 2019 02:57:56   #
I'm not a tattoo person but if you are, check this out before photographing the next one.

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Mar 14, 2019 19:51:34   #
Harry0 (a regular here)
Which raises a LOT of questions.
OK, Mike Tyson's personal individual self made art- is his. Did he in fact copyright it?
I see it, draw it, send it in as mine- 1st. Years later Mike sues the other guy- I get a percentage?
I've been in tat shops. They have books. Big floppy ones, full of art and designs. Lots of them.
Who owns THAT art? If I pick the picture, have the guy change it a bit- who owns it? He copied it from somebody else. I changed it. He got paid for it. He did the actual work on me. Does he own the rights to the changed (by me) public domain copy that I contracted him to needle me?

In LA, we have Long Beach, and the Queen Mary. A little while ago the City decided they were tired of these photogs using their landmarks for free, and imposed a $100 permit. Nice out? Nice camera? Taking pictures of nice people? Are they in nice clothes? Nice background? Any 2- you may be confronted by an indignant well rehearsed well armed jackboot ticketboi. "Yes We know the beach is Public. But the Queen Mary is owned by the City, as are those 2 islands out there. You (we) are surrounded by private businesses and buildings owned by other people, all surrounded by City owned infrastructure. Go get a permit and submit a schedule- the ticket is MUCH higher and MUCH more trouble!" He smiles. It seems they lay copyright claim to any object in the city
*sigh* Going *past* City Hall, we went to Ports O'Call, in San Pedro. Waay more friendly.

Another few places wanted a permit to take pictures from "lookouts"- little turnoffs deliberately made for us to stop rest and view. Stop at one- and soon a Police "Public Safety" officer will stop behind you. Asks questions about the health of you and your car. What are you taking pictures of? ANYthing you say will get you a ticket! No! Your car is excellent. Your health is even better. You wanted a place to stretch your legs and use the cell phone off the highway. Safety First!
Yes the view can be considered Public. Parks, trees, mountains, and cities waay down there. But you're on a City or County road, and you need a permit. They "allegedly" have a quasi copyright to the view because they chose this location for it, and they own the access to it.
Be careful out there.

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Mar 14, 2019 20:21:26   #
It crazy in my opinion.

In a wild thought, who painted your automobile. What about your house walls if you want to carry it that far.

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