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Researching Hassleblad Zoom mod and Motorola smart phone purchase
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Feb 10, 2019 23:20:23   #
Given my travel for work I'm considering the Hassleblad Zoom camera Mod that attaches to the back of the Motorola X. Smart phone. I run across unique scenes often and quickly whipping out my regular camera isn't an option . Can anyone share their experience if they have one with this unit please.
Thanks !

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Feb 11, 2019 00:15:09   #
Dr.Nikon (a regular here)
If you have a Moto X .. go for it ...My Samsung Note phones take exceptional cell,phone shots ..

Anytime you can buy any Hasselblad pc of equip for under $1,000 .. it’s a bargine .., as for what it does .., it has 10X zoom which works fairly well .., however the phone has only 12mega pixel camera and a small sensor .., yes it will shoot raw ...and gives you some manual,control features like a real camera ..

As for the Moto X line of phones ..they may not be around for long and the next generation if there is to be one .., may not accept the Hasselblad attachment ... so it is a risky investment ...

So for $150 or so .. you can add it onto your Moto X .., and look cool ...otherwise .. get a Samsung Noten8 or 9 ...and don’t look back ..


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Feb 11, 2019 08:03:22   #
I'm using the Hasselblad attachment now and I really like it. The photos have excellent depth of field and the color saturation is amazing. However, it is not good for real close work. If, like me, you are wanting to shoot scenes as they pop up as you move around, this might be worth trying. I also have the projector attachment so I can show friends what I did. This is a fun way to get quality photos on the run.

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Feb 11, 2019 09:30:07   #
I've had the Hasselblad for about 18 months, paired to a Moto Z2 Force phone. (The mod works with Z series phones, not the Moto X mentioned in another reply to your question.) I take mainly landscapes. I'm very happy with it. And use it nearly every day. Image quality is very good across the zoom levels. When paired with the phone, it is very comfortable to hold. Low light performance is better than I had expected. It shoots in RAW if you wish although if you use RAW exclusively I would recommend buying extra memory unless you always have data connectivity and can back up to the cloud.

It can be operated in full manual mode. The downside for my old eyes is small font for the controls on the LCD screen which means I have to find my glasses! Colors are wonderful. I routinely print at 16x20 inches and have exhibited and sold prints of this size.

It's powered by the phone. With my Z2 phone I have never run out of juice even shooting all day.

I use it for stills so can't really comment on videos. I've had software crashes when using the panorama mode, but other than that the software seems stable. The biggest downside is that it takes longer than you might expect to boot up when you turn it on. There is no tripod socket. Bottom line, I think you'd be very happy with it.

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