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Feb 4, 2019 09:32:06   #
rmorrison1116 Loc: Southeast, Southcentral PA
rpavich wrote:
I guess...does that mean question and answer implies repeating the same questions and answers over many dozens of threads?

To me it means "I'm too lazy to even search before I ask the question"

If you find my posting so distasteful and redundant, then why did you participate in the conversation?! If anything, you have validated my point about, it's all about the conversation.
I'm curious, as I've previously stated (don't want to offend you even more with my repition, or do I), how do you react to the continual posting of questions about which lens to take on vacation?! Isn't the membership of this website comprised of mostly folks who have a clue about photography? I would certainly think they would know something about what results to expect from what lenses. Or, is it less about what lenses to bring and more about, hey, I'm going to this really cool place for vacation?! Just another reason to start a conversation.

Just one more question. Do you even know what the meaning of social media is?
Have a really, really good day!

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Feb 4, 2019 09:47:09   #
rmorrison1116 Loc: Southeast, Southcentral PA
Hershel wrote:
I agree. I can see an upside to stating ones location and don't really see any downside. If privacy is a concern, I can't see that stating the State or even City you are from presents any real danger to that privacy. As far as I'm concerned, I'd be very happy to be contacted by a fellow member who'd want to grab an hour during a weekday lunchtime and go shooting together on the westside of midtown Manhattan. I do however respect each individual members choice.

All the best.

I agree. I can see an upside to stating ones locat... (show quote)

Too bad I'm a few hours south of Manhattan, else I'd take you up on the invite. I've always been fascinated by cityscapes and the thought of having a guide who knows photography is quite appealing. It's been several years since my last trip to NYC. The wife wants to go see a taping of The Late Show, big Colbert fan. My biggest concern is parking. I know what it is like to park a car in Philadelphia. I'm guessing NYC is worse. Luckly, I know my way around CC Philadelphia and am familiar with available public transportation.

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Feb 4, 2019 10:00:57   #
rmorrison1116 Loc: Southeast, Southcentral PA
Longshadow wrote:
Yes, seems odd, doesn't it? No one I know refers to Trooper as a village, it's just "Trooper".
When we go into Phoenixville proper, we "go into town", but we "go to Oaks".
Strange, yes? I wonder what people in other sections of the country call what.

I can relate. To me, going into town has always meant Center City Philadelphia. I use to live in Phoenixville, until I bought my house in the 'burbs. Going to Oaks use to mean going to work. Now it means, going to the dog park or the expo center; and although there's a BJ'S closer to home, I still go to the one in Oaks because I know where everything is, plus it's an excuse to take the puppies to the dog park.

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Feb 4, 2019 10:12:06   #
rmorrison1116 Loc: Southeast, Southcentral PA
Longshadow wrote:
May be duplicate answers, different readers?

The first 30 results for "location" returned ONE relating to member location.
Extremely poor titling is why I rarely (but do on occasion) try the search function.
80-95% worthless because of poor titling. I won't search for hours to possibly find something.
Yea, sometimes I'm lucky, but mostly not.

And this post seems to be directed at newer members, evidently not looking for old information.

Bingo. Too many hogs don't grasp the concept of membership beyond their own cliques, plus there's always the abundance of grumpy old men. If you don't like a conversation, don't participate.
UHH'S search utility isn't very robust and frankly , if I want to find info on the website I'm more inclined to use Bing or Google and not so much social media sites. If I'm looking for conversation then social media is where it's at.

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Feb 4, 2019 11:52:57   #
rmorrison1116 Loc: Southeast, Southcentral PA
duane klipping wrote:
I like to know where people are from online or in person. Interesting to talk about the difference between places especially in a photography venue.

Love the grumpy snipers and borderline troll like comments from some on here. The self appointed hall monitors of the forum who snipe away and attack. Really how old are you guys anyway? Best off to not reply at all and just move on.

I'm with you. I like knowing where a person is generally located. Knowing someone is in Australia vs Austria vs Alaska vs Audubon PA makes it easier to relate. For example, when responding to Longshadow I can make local references because I'm familiar with the area. When responding to you I can't really make local references because my knowledge of Iowa is very limited, having been there only because the highways I was traveling on went through the state.
One irony here is Mr. grumpypuss lists his location. But, in his defense, he did use cute icons...😏

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Feb 4, 2019 11:55:28   #
Longshadow Loc: Audubon, PA
rmorrison1116 wrote:
I'm with you. I like knowing where a person is generally located. Knowing someone is in Australia vs Austria vs Alaska vs Audubon PA makes it easier to relate.

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