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Jan 15, 2019 23:49:35   #
Wallen (a regular here)
Bipod wrote:

Are there any artists or scientists on UHH? Very, very few posts.

:-) I claim to be both- a scientist and an artist and many things else LOL.

Bipod wrote:

Let's all change the world! But let's make sure the change is an improvment.

Been trying, but it seems the world does not really want peace.
I propose the CODE (Communal Democracy) as a universal form of government, Iscariot as a way of life and Self rule without harm as the soul & core of existence.
Anybody interested please contact me for details :-)

Bipod wrote:

No single person every changed the world more than Adolf Hitler (who was,
incidentally an artist, a vegan and a believer in astrology--very "New Age").

Hmmm, i believe that would be Jesus, because even Adolf's moves was connected with the guy.
But if Adam and Eve was real, the person we should blame for all the problems in the world is a woman :-)

Bipod wrote:

It's easy to accept the beliefs of one's time, whether its slavery, anti-semitism or
technologism. (Have you ever noticed that the solution to any technological problem
is....more technology? If the product killed you, you need to buy the upgrade.)

Not for me it though. I'm pretty much an oddball when it come to beliefs and point of views. I tend to see things as spheres instead of coins.

Bipod wrote:

People forget that there are two kinds of innovation: good and bad. Examples of
the former category include aspirin and indoor plumbing,. Examples of the latter:
cigarettes, thalidomide, asbestos and novochok.

My take is that generally, good or bad is just a preferential point of view. Innovation is always a step up but people tend to view or fooled to view commercialism as innovation.

Bipod wrote:

The conquest of photography by consumerism has almost gone
unnoticed. But not by art historians. And not by future generations--history is
a harsh critic.

You have me confused here. Consumerism is the protection or promotion of the interests of consumers.

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Jan 16, 2019 11:21:38   #
Shutterbug57 wrote:
You must be a young one. Most of us older folk would remember sitting through interminable slide shows from our neighbors vacations. There was another way to show pictures that did not include printing.

Not really young at 73, but I have boxes and boxes and boxes of slides that haven't been looked at in many years. I can still make people to sit through interminable "slide" shows of my digital works of art on my 55" HD TV's. I guess I should have said printed to paper or printed to slides, but truth be told, I didn't even think about slides. Actually, I think I'm just 72, need to get out the calculator. I keep trying to make myself older than I am... Strange I guess.

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Jan 17, 2019 08:25:40   #
tdekany wrote:
You insult the entire photography community regularly. Why is that OK?

If you don’t like the way this forum is being run, go start your own. You are a guest, in case you have forgotten.

It is your posts that attack me, tdekany. I do not attack you.
You follow me around, posting after every one of my posts.
How would you describe that behavior, tdekany?

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