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fun with editing :)
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Oct 17, 2011 00:19:31   #
DB Loc: Myrtle Beach, SC
NiKitA wrote:
NiKitA wrote:
DB wrote:
NiKitA wrote:
I kinda like the darker one better because it looks like the light is shining off his glasses. However, the lighter one would probally look better if I were to get it printed.

Try something inbetween the darkest and lightest... I like the darker one too but its just a tad too dark..... play around with it a can always go back to the original. Great picture though... I like it...... how about something like this?

I love the starburst effect!! How did you get it to do that??
quote=DB quote=NiKitA I kinda like the darker on... (show quote)

Sorry, I see where you explained it now. New to the forum and still trying to figure out how to reply to a quote. It keeps putting my responces at the bottom of the forum. Thanks for the advice, I love it!
quote=NiKitA quote=DB quote=NiKitA I kinda like... (show quote)

I'm glad you liked it...

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