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Glare in glasses, need help!
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Oct 10, 2011 22:38:29   #
rocco_7155 Loc: Connecticut/Louisiana
Just wave a magic wand over them.......and the glare disappears....LOL. I love the Hogwarts theme.

Oct 10, 2011 22:44:05   #
i've heard suggestions that you could take the lenses out of the frames

Oct 10, 2011 22:47:52   #
phoneguy55 Loc: upstate NY
if you just can't get rid of the glare....and you want the photo to have the glasses in it,....try to take the same pose without the glasses....then just clone the eye area from the no-glasses shot into the lens area of the glasses shot.

Oct 10, 2011 22:47:55   #
Erbin Loc: Poquoson, Virginia
NiKitA wrote:
Hi, as a hobby I love to take pictures. My oldest usually runs from me when I grab a camera but today he let me do his birthday pictures. Normally, he doesn't wear glasses, but for his harry potter costume, of course, you can't be Harry without them. Well, when I got them on my computer I noticed the glare in his glasses making it hard to see his eyes. Suggestions to fix them will be greatly greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Tilt the glasses downward slightly by raising the ear hook about half an inch above the ear. cover with the subjects hair. No one will know the glasses are tilted but you and your subject. This works with flash and natural light outside.

Oct 11, 2011 00:40:19   #
Val Loc: Minnesota
It is almost impossible to fix the relections on the glasses in the photos above. I know that in the studio when flashes are being used, I will always have the person push their glasses up as far as they go and then slightly tilt their head forward, (and the key is slightly)so that I cannot see the reflection of the lights in the glasses at all. Sometimes I need to move a bit. It can be tricky but it can be mastered. I shot 2 whole church congregations for their church directories and not one person had glasses glare! It takes practice.

Oct 11, 2011 08:04:03   #
I'm going to try again and do what you suggested about having the subject tilt their head. I tried fixing it with a photo editing program but can't get it to look right. It looks like maybe you did the same thing I tried doing by just trying to paint the glare

Oct 11, 2011 08:06:04   #
haha, can't you see me in his reflection in his glasses, I'm using a wand to take his pictures, not a camera. :)

Oct 11, 2011 09:55:59   #
frank bruce Loc: Albuquerque,N.M
tilt the head if u can . depends on the angle u are shooting,u can doit! frank bruce

Oct 11, 2011 09:57:00   #
The no glass in the frame is the best answer. I've used that
for 20 - 30 years. Otherwise it takes a lot of touch-up.

Oct 11, 2011 10:07:57   #
sheree86 Loc: Port Byron, NY
Try tilting them ( the glasses) down just a little on the nose. You would have to raise the bow on the head slightly.

Oct 11, 2011 10:39:35   #
johnrennie Loc: North Florida
Popping the lens out is certainly the quick fix, but if your intentions are to conquer the glare issue a polarizing filter will help, but it won’t solve the issue completely. PJT’s advice is the way I would go. It seems complicated, but defeating glare is a complicated task. I do a lot of product photography and have to deal with glare constantly. Diffusing and bouncing light is the way to go.
PJT – great write-up on this subject.

Oct 11, 2011 10:44:05   #
I'm trying the tilt the glasses approach but on an 8 year old it's very difficult, some pictures they look like they are crooked and he's complaining that it's uncomfortable so I'm getting his fake picture smile in the pictures. Someone suggested a circular polarizing lens I'm going to try that next. I would like to figure out how to take the picture without taking out the lens, I might get another picture subject down the road who wears glasses and I would like to have it figured out. And some people think picture taking is easy. :)

Oct 11, 2011 12:10:02   #
Pearls54 Loc: So. Orange County, CA
He's adorable! My Photoshop attempt to remove the glare.....................

Oct 11, 2011 12:21:17   #
ryanmorales Loc: Bronx, NY, USA
if you have a 5 in 1 pass through reflector have some one position it above him where the sun is hitting the glasses. that should kill the reflections.

Oct 11, 2011 13:39:20   #
C.C. Writer Loc: SC
Sometime back I read an article that to cut the glare, to raise the earpiece of the glasses higher, tilting the glasses downward slightly (I guess untily you see the glare lessen or gone), then take the picture. Maybe the hair can sort of cover up the sides of the glasses so the fact that they are raised won't be so noticeable -- maybe they just have to be raised 1/2-1". I tried this one time using a flash and it worked -- don't know how it would work without a flash.

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