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Viewing Your Pictures on TV
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Jul 1, 2018 11:52:05   #
I occasionally show my pictures on TV using Apple TV and my Apple MacBook Pro. Their wireless connectivity works well and HD TV makes the viewing very enjoyable especially while viewing with friends.

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Jul 1, 2018 12:11:56   #
KLambar Loc: New Jersey
I have mine on a NAS which I can view on TV.

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Jul 1, 2018 15:44:41   #
the hiker Loc: San Diego
Delkin has a unit called HD Digital Photo Viewer that's you can plug in to the TV and view your pictures and video formats and displays them at 1080p quality and controls all menus and functions remotely.Its compatible with SD;SDHC;CF;MS;XD;USB;1.1;&USB2.0. plays most image &vidioformats including JPG;BMP;PNG;MPG;WMV;AVI;MOV;MTS and more. the price was about $25.00 when I bought it and it works great.

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Jul 1, 2018 21:15:17   #
SuperFly48 Loc: NE ILLINOIS
Have a Samsung 55" HDTV. All I have to do is connect a flash drive or SD card reader with SD card inserted to the proper USB port on the back of the TV, hit a couple of buttons and the TV runs a slide show for me. The internal TV program selects and displays JPEG's only even when the SD card has a corresponding RAW file. Select a file folder, open the folder, select the first image in numerical order and enjoy! I like to check trip pics that way because I get a good idea how the image might eventually look enlarged to a 24" X 36". I keep a USB cable connected to the back of the TV all the time just for viewing digital images. Am NOT a tech person and Samsung could not have made it any simpler for me.

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Jul 1, 2018 23:09:05   #
rplain1 Loc: Dayton, Oh.
I have looked at them on TV but not using a flash drive - just plugged my laptop in to the TV and played a slideshow. That way the laptop is in control and not the TV. I do this because the only times I have showed them is at someone else's home and not everyone has a USB slot on
their TV.

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Jul 2, 2018 07:32:33   #
Gene51 Loc: Yonkers, NY, now in LSD (LowerSlowerDelaware)
loboimages wrote:
The following is a question from a friend. Since I've never attempted to show photos on TV via flash drive or any other method, I am unable to provide him with an answer. I thought that with the number of diverse members of UHH someone could provide a solution.

I've begun selectively putting some of my better pictures on flash drives to view on TV via the USB port. Although they must be .jpg's rather than .tif's. they show up very good on UHD, especially when they fill the screen. Most of my pictures are saved in .tif, so I've been using Lightroom to export the selected pictures to .jpg. My problem comes when I plug the flash drive into the TV. All the pictures have been saved on the flash drive, but when I open the folder on TV to what I would call the "thumbnails," they are all there, but in reverse order. If I then reverse the order on the flash drive, hoping the display on TV will then appear in the right sequence, they're still in reverse order. After trying this several times, I find the last picture will become the first picture, with everything else still in reverse. I've just about resigned myself to running the pictures backward on TV in order to view them in the original order. Now, I've given you a lot more information than you care to hear, but wondered if you have ever viewed your pictures on TV, and what were the results?

Any help provided will be greatly appreciated.

The following is a question from a friend. Since I... (show quote)

I do it regularly - but I use a Chromecast to mirror my computer/phone/tablet. You can put your images into any order you want and do a simple slide show, or you can use Powerpoint or other business presentation software to do a better slide show, or even better yet, use ProShow Gold or ProShow Producer to put together a slide show with great transitions and you can even add music.

I put this together after spending about 15 minutes with the software. The learning curve is pretty easy.

Using a Chromecast device makes this a much better experience than using a memory device or even a direct connection.

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