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Professional and Advanced Portraiture
Welcome to the Professional and Advanced Portraiture Section.
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Sep 24, 2017 13:24:05   #
E.L.. Shapiro Loc: Ottawa, Ontario Canada
WELCOME to the Professional and Advanced Portraiture section.

This section is for photographers that take their portrait work very seriously and wish to exchange ideas, teach and learn finite techniques, and delve into methods and approaches that are seldom discussed even in literature or online forums. Portraiture has many styles, approaches, specializations, eras and periods. Fine portraiture is a blend of technical savvy, psychology, and artistic interpretation. Discussions of lighting, posing, optics, composition, facial analysis, aesthetics and cosmetics, camera techniques and some business procedures will all be included. Traditional, casual, contemporary, publicity, theatrical, environmental and location portraiture, corporate, “Old Hollywood” styles and more will be discussed. Other topics will be the photography of young children, babies and pets, retouching and editing and printing and presentations. Open to all interested enthusiasts and aspiring and practicing professionals. All are encouraged to participate. Critiques will be entertained by request only.

RULES: All of the general rules of the UHH site will apply here. In the interest of maintaining a friendly, business-like and constructive environment for all to enjoy, it is advisable to avoid any an all kinds of harsh or unpleasant narratives or arguments. When disagreements arise, there is nothing wrong with clean, healthy and constructive debates as theses can give rise to many teaching and learning opportunities. Posts containing nasty or profane comments or personal attacks will be deleted. PLEASE! Issues of spelling, grammar and/or writing style should be addressed by personal messages- this section is about PHOTOGRAPHY!

Looking forward to many great conversations, images and solutions.

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Professional and Advanced Portraiture - Forum
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