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Selection from the jungle
Sep 20, 2017 09:59:00   #
catalint Loc: oslo
We've visited three zoos this year. One in Norway and two in Denmark. Two of them we've visited last year also , but new for this year was the Rain-forest Zoo in Denmark. This zoo is replicating the clima from South Americas rain-forest. And I can say I really felt it. Running around with 3 lenses in my bag, and my D750 attached to the 120-400mm was a stamina test. having in mind the humidity, you can imagine how easy is to sweat your pants off. Well I could not take my pants off, but I did managed to do some shots. We did not had much time here, only half a day, and lot's of the animals and creatures are free to walk where they want. The problem is that you also have to find them. I was hoping for some more creatures and snakes, but it was just a few to see.
All photos have exif data if curious.

The jag did not go freely :D . He was inside an enclosure and had this netting around with so small mask it gave me a challenge to photograph him. I shall try to work on this photo in Photoshop.
The jag did not go freely :D . He was inside an en...
A non venomous snake slithering free.
A non venomous snake slithering free....

cute doves
cute doves...
this may not be the best , effort, but considering it was very dark, and not allowed to use the flash, I had to bump ISO up 12800 , and with a little retouch , i was like WOW.
this may not be the best , effort, but considering...


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Sep 20, 2017 19:50:07   #
kpmac Loc: Ragley, La
Excellent set.

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Sep 21, 2017 09:21:23   #
rlaugh Loc: Michigan & Florida
Beautiful work you did...great set!!

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Sep 22, 2017 00:07:17   #
sailorsmom Loc: Souderton, PA
Beautiful shots, Caitlin!

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