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Pictures -- section rules
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Aug 23, 2011 06:19:58   #
Photo Gallery Section

This section is for posting pictures you took. If you want to ask others to comment on your choice of subjects, composition, settings, show off your pictures to others, or ask for general critique, then please do so in the Photo Gallery section.

But if you need help with a specific issue, then please post in the Photo Analysis section.

(By contrast, the Main section is meant for discussions. Sometimes pictures are appropriate in the Main section, but mainly when used to illustrate a point or help the discussion. Pictures of your gear, setup, or schematics of any kind should also go into the Main section.)

You can find out how to upload pictures to the forum here.


- When attaching pictures, please make sure to use JPG files. They will be automatically resized and displayed in the posts. If you attach files of other types (such as DNG, CR2), then they won't show in the post. Instead, a download link will appear.

- Maximum dimensions for images are 600x800. So if you want to post a crop and be assured that it doesn't get reduced, then resize it on your end down to at most 600 pixels in width. Images with dimensions of 600x800 or less aren't modified during the upload process.

- "Store original" checkbox, if enabled, results in the original file you are uploading to be hosted alongside the downsized image. Please only enable it for panoramas or when you absolutely need to show a high resolution image. You can see the original file by using "Download" link shown below the downsized image.

- Original files are generally removed after six months to conserve disk space on the server. So if you enable "store original," then the downsized image will be kept on the forum indefinitely while the stored original file will be removed at some point in the future.

- Maximum combined attachment file size is 20MB. That's the total limit for all images attached to a single post.

- Do not hijack topics by posting your pictures inside someone else's topic in a manner that would divert the discussion away from the original poster's pictures. In such situation, it's best to start a new topic and post your pictures there. It is OK to post pictures when explicitly invited by the OP or when posting pictures inside an existing topic would genuinely benefit that particular discussion.

- Complying with all laws (including copyright) is the sole responsibility of each individual user. Forum administration is not responsible for user-generated/uploaded/posted content. We serve merely as communications platform and are protected by the safe harbor provisions of the copyright law and/or DMCA.

Having said that, if you notice that your rights are being violated by a user of this forum, please feel free to contact the administration by sending me a private message. We'll investigate all claims and take action if necessary.

- Try to include the specifications of your gear and settings in the post accompanying the pictures. Stating aperture, shutter speed, ISO would be great. Even better would be to also include your body and lens specs. This really helps others learn what settings work in various scenarios.

- We do not generally delete old images/posts at user's request unless there is a valid reason. So if you don't want your content to be shown here indefinitely, then please don't post it here in the first place. You can find my take on this matter here and here.

- Please don't judge others too harshly. Even though people usually ask for an honest opinion, please don't forget that we aren't all professional photographers with the best gear available. So please don't insult other users if something isn't up to your own standards.

- No nudity, gore, or other adult content is allowed in the gallery section (or on the rest of our forum). That includes any nude or semi-nude photography. The exception is our newly created Nude Photography section, for which you need to explicitly subscribe.

- Please do not edit and re-upload other people's pictures without their explicit permission. In other words, you may not open someone's topic, download an image, edit it (that includes adjusting settings, cropping, adding/removing visual elements, etc.), re-post it, and say "here is a version of your photo that I like better" unless they specifically ask for it.

- If, on the other hand, you want others to re-edit your pictures and upload the results, then please explicitly state so in the post.

- Administration reserves the right to remove any pictures at our discretion.

If you want to reply, then register here. Registration is free and your account is created instantly, so you can post right away.
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