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Published Photographs by Ugly HedgeHoggers
Latest Issue of California Fly Fisher
Sep 23, 2016 14:14:53   #
chemdoc Loc: West Coast
The October issue of California Fly Fisher with a selfie taken in the California Sierras.

Cover Image
Cover Image...

Original Image
Original Image...

Sep 23, 2016 15:44:59   #
robertjerl Loc: Corona, California

Sep 24, 2016 00:42:59   #
Nikonian72 Loc: Chico CA
Not too shabby!

Sep 24, 2016 10:59:20   #
dennis2146 Loc: So California/Colorado/Idaho
Congratulations on a fine shot and for it being on the cover. Well done. Did you catch anything?

Sep 24, 2016 13:32:36   #
chemdoc Loc: West Coast
Although I am a fly fisherman, I wasn't actually fishing that day. Over the past two years I find myself spending more time taking fishing pictures than actually fishing. I brought all of my gear for props as I had an idea for a shot that might make a good cover photo. I am new to night photography, but the D750 and Nikon 14-24 are a great combo for that. I usually have a friend that comes along to pose for me, but no one was free so I just used a 10 second delay and ran over to the chair and sat still for 30 seconds.

Sep 24, 2016 14:25:00   #
napabob Loc: Napa CA
nicely done.........congrats

Sep 24, 2016 18:26:56   #
Cwilson341 Loc: Central Florida
Lovely shot. Congratulations!

Oct 9, 2016 19:27:39   #
alissaspieces Loc: New York
Really great photo. Congrats!

Oct 26, 2016 07:57:31   #
Thomas902 Loc: Washington DC
Impressive nocturnal rendering... Superb compositional elements... and a wise move to position the lunar orb behind the pine... Albeit the legendary 14-24mm with it's Nano Crystal Coating deals quite effectively with ghosting and flare...

Kudos to set styling here... the attention to detail speaks to the level of authenticity denoted within...
Yes the dynamic range of Nikon's latest FX bodies is to be admired... even at 30 seconds want of noise is amazing...

As for the model? Necessity is the mother of invention... An agency would have billed double time for providing talent at 10:30pm... lol

Job well done... Looking forward to your next cover!

Oct 31, 2016 06:53:17   #
Country's Mama Loc: Michigan
Congratulations! What a neat picture and what a beautiful place.

Oct 21, 2018 22:02:15   #
debbie wrazen Loc: Western New York
Beautiful capture.

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