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Introduction to Traditional Street Photography
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Feb 2, 2016 12:44:07   #
Nikonian72 Loc: Long Beach CA
It is the view of most street photographers that their discipline should be practiced in an urban environment, which does not exclude less obviously urban scenes, such as rural roadsides. And what about people? That is up to the individual photographer. Most of us like people in street scenes. Most of us enjoy viewing the pictures of other photographers that show the human condition in it's many and varied forms.
There is always much discussion as to whether street photography has to be candid or captured with the subjects knowledge. Candid pictures and what are called "reaction" pictures are Traditional Street Photography. A reaction picture captures the subject instantly upon seeing the camera, which eliminates any posing. Sometimes a limited amount of "immediate" posing is fine, as long as it isn't a set-up shot, other than to ask the subject to adopt a stance in a natural way, in their normal surroundings. Some will say that portraits are not legitimate street photography. Others disagree strongly with this, provided that it is obvious that the portrait was made on the street with none or minimal posing, and certainly no studio nor contrived lighting.
The street photographer should strive to find subjects that will resonate with the viewer. The photographer, when he finds the subject, should have a vision for the finished work, before tripping the shutter. He can then use post processing to "develop" his vision. Often, random snapshots taken on a street do not work well. Most photographers believe that a street picture should be truthful, and some feel that the camera doesn't always provide what the eye/brain combination sees, so it is legitimate to redress the shortcomings of the camera. Since there is no clear definition of street photography, the photographer must be prepared to have his version of street photography, challenge by others with a differing view

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Nov 28, 2018 02:53:02   #
Nikonian72 Loc: Long Beach CA

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