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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers Concerning Macro-Photography
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Apr 22, 2012 13:41:43   #
Nikonian72 Loc: Long Beach CA
FAQ: What is a MACRO lens?

FAQ: Macro-Photography Primer (

FAQ: Macro Lens vs Standard Prime & Zoom Lenses

FAQ: Extension Tubes vs Bellows vs Tele-Extenders vs Add-on "Close-Up" Diopter Lenses

FAQ: Macro websites & literature

FAQ: How to Document Field-of-View of a Macro Lens

FAQ: Why are there macro lenses of different focal lengths?

FAQ: Differences between Reverse-Mounted and Stacked-Lenses for Macro-Photography?

FAQ: What is Effective Aperture for Macro?

FAQ: How do Macro-Photographs of different formats compare?

FAQ: Why are my Digital Images Sharper at f/8 than f/22?

Third-Party Macro Lenses Compared

FAQ: Which Speedlight for Macro-Photography?

FAQ: What is Focus-Stacking, and What Programs are Required?

FAQ: Zerene Focus-Stacking Program -- The Basics

FAQ: Helicon Focus-Stacking Tutorials

FAQ: Focus Stacking in Macro-Photography
Page 1:
Page 2:

FAQ: Focus-Stacking: When to use Rails vs Lens Focusing Ring


FAQ: Depth of Field in Macro Photography

FAQ: How is DoF Different in Macro Photography?

FAQ: How Does "Small Aperture Diffraction" Effect Macro-Photography?

FAQ: How to Avoid Small Aperture Diffraction In Photography

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Jan 4, 2015 15:43:18   #
Nikonian72 Loc: Long Beach CA

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