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The Biggest Thing In The Universe Is....The Universe!
Sep 15, 2015 01:51:35   #
Gitzo Loc: Indiana
At the point when all of this was first put together, it was thought that VY Canis Majoris was the biggest star in the Milky Way Galaxy; since that time, there have been several
stars discovered that are even bigger; at the present time, it's thought that UY Scuti is the biggest known star. Item #27 compares the size of this enormous star to the size
of the orbit of the planet Jupiter.

Some of the things mentioned in this thread are so massive that it's difficult to wrap one's mind around them; because of the way the web site is designed, it's not
possible to put up multiple pictures and get the captions for the pictures with the pictures; because of this, I'm numbering the captions then numbering the pictures
below them; this way, by matching the numbers it will be possible to know what you're looking at in each picture.

1. This is the Earth; This is where you live.

2. And this is where you live in your neighborhood, our solar system.

3. Here's the distance to scale between the Earth and the moon. Doesn't look too far does it?

4. Think again; inside that distance you can fit every planet in our solar system.

5. But let's talk about planets; that little green smudge is North America on Jupiter.

6. And here's the size of six Earths compared to Saturn.

7. Just for good measure, here's what Saturn's rings would look like if they were around Earth.

8. This is a comet; we just landed a probe on one of these bad boys. Here's what one looks like compared to Los Angeles.

9. But that's nothing when compared to our Sun. Just remember…..You are here……

10. Here's you from the moon:

11. Here you are from Mars:

12. Here's you just from behind Saturn's rings.

13. And here's you just from beyond Neptune, 4 billion miles away.

14. Let's step back a bit; Here's the seize of the Earth compared to the size of the Sun.

15. Here's the size of that same Sun from the surface of Mars.

16 But that's nothing…as Carl Sagan once mused, there are more stars in the Universe than there are grains of sand on all of the Earth's beaches.

17. Which means that there are stars out there that are much, much bigger than our "wimpy" SUN.

18. Here's another look; one of the biggest stars, VY Canis Majoris, is 1,000,000,000 times bigger than ours Sun.

19. None of those compare to the size of a galaxy; in fact, if you shrunk the size of the Sun down to the size of a white blood cell, and shrunk the size of the milky way Galaxy
down to the same scale, the Milky Way would be the size of the United States.

20. That's because the Milky Way Galaxy is just huge; this is where you live inside of it.

21. But this is all you ever see……

22. Even our Galaxy is a little runt compared to some others; here's the Milky Way compared to IC 1011, 350 million light years away from our Sun.

23. Let's think bigger; in just this picture taken by the Hubble Space Telescope there are thousands and thousands of galaxies, each containing millions of stars, each with their own planets.

24. Here's one of the galaxies pictured, UDF 423; This galaxy is ten billion light years away; when you look at this picture, you're looking billions of years into the past.

25. Keep this in mind; that's a picture of a very small part of the Universe, an insignificant fraction of the night sky.

26. It's pretty safe to assume that there are some black holes out there; here's the size of a black hole compared to the size of the Earth's orbit, and compared to the size of Neptune's orbit.

27. UY Scuti Compared To The Orbit Of Jupiter

28. UY Scuti; Brightest Star In Constellation Scutum

29. Size of UY Scuti as Compared To The Sun

#1. Earth
#1. Earth...
#27. UY Scuti Compared to The Orbit Of Jupiter
#27. UY Scuti Compared to The Orbit Of Jupiter...
#28. UY Scuti In The Constellation Scutum
#28. UY Scuti In The Constellation Scutum...
#29. UY Scuti And The Sun
#29.  UY Scuti And The Sun...

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Sep 15, 2015 05:28:23   #
Doddy Loc: Barnard Castle-England
Very interesting Charley..thanks for posting.

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Sep 15, 2015 05:57:30   #
Steven Seward Loc: Cleveland, Ohio
Great slideshow Gitzo! It took a lot of scrolling back and forth, but it was worth it. I once contemplated the size of the Galaxy, but decided to buy a Ford Pinto instead!

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Sep 15, 2015 09:33:39   #
nakkh Loc: San Mateo, Ca
Those big stars live very short lives and when they die they do it in spectacular fashion.

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Sep 16, 2015 17:31:30   #
Gitzo Loc: Indiana
Steven Seward wrote:
Great slideshow Gitzo! It took a lot of scrolling back and forth, but it was worth it. I once contemplated the size of the Galaxy, but decided to buy a Ford Pinto instead!

Trust took a LOT of scrolling back and forth to get that much text and that many images posted, all within the 60 minute time limit the software allows you, and still have everything in the text section at the top, correlate properly with the images at the bottom!

It would be much easier to do if you could get all of the text and images together on one page, then spend as much time as necessary "arranging" everything in order, and then "posting" it all with one click of a button; unfortunately, that isn't how the website is designed. You can only post three images at one time to begin with; when you do it, that starts the clock running; after that, you have to keep adding the images, one at a time, all the while trying to "beat the clock" and get everything posted before your 60 minutes is up.

It would make images such as these much easier to look at and think about, (and interesting ), if it was possible to first get all of the information arranged for each image below the image, going through and repeating the process with each image, and then posting the whole thing with one click.

I suppose that's why almost all websites are designed differently.......because almost everyone is interested in different things. Of all the different websites that I've been a member of and posted on, this website is by far the best one overall in the way it's designed; the only real problem here isn't the way the website is designed, it's the, (IMHO ), the rude, crude, obnoxious, infantile and ignorant liberal MEMBERS, whose seemingly only purpose for being ON this website, is to attempt to impose THEIR ignorance and stupidity on the rest of the members.

IMO, attempting to have radical, far-left leaning fools for members, interacting with normal, thoughtful, sensible and conservative members is an impossibility to start with. It's quite a bit like mixing oil with water and trying to get the "results" to become one homogenous liquid; it just doesn't "work"! (Never has, never will ).

If you'll notice, you very rarely (if ever ), see any conservative normal people frequenting ditzy, far-left websites, (the daily Kos, come to mind ), but here on UHH, every far-left libtard imbecile on the whole internet, FLOCKS to UHH, and attempts to cram THEIR "cant work", ignorant nonsense down the throats of ALL members. The reason for this, IMO, is quite simple; that's just what libs "DO"! I have repeatedly challenged many of the liberal retards to explain this phenomenon, but so far none have been able to.

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Sep 16, 2015 18:53:22   #
rmalarz Loc: Tempe, Arizona
MRS. BROWN: [sigh] Makes you feel so, sort of, insignificant, doesn't it?

MAN: Yeah. Yeah. [sniff] Can we have your liver, then?

From Monty Python's "The Meaning of Life".


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Sep 17, 2015 03:57:11   #
Gitzo Loc: Indiana
rmalarz wrote:
MRS. BROWN: [sigh] Makes you feel so, sort of, insignificant, doesn't it?

MAN: Yeah. Yeah. [sniff] Can we have your liver, then?

From Monty Python's "The Meaning of Life".


Former long time Monty Python devotee here........


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