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Mar 24, 2015 09:45:51   #
brian43053 Loc: Buffalo, NY
I really enjoy portraiture. Anyone know of any books that go into detail about how to pose people for portraits? I'm looking for a book that will go into details about posing the subject, their hands, feet, hips, etc. etc.

Jan 11, 2016 09:46:19   #
cyclespeed Loc: Calgary, Alberta Canada
Hi Brian,

try on the right hand side, 4 down "posing" topic. I've made evtensive use of these books, borrowed from my beloved public library and have learned a lot and forgotten even more.


May 27, 2023 14:00:26   #
Thomas902 Loc: Washington DC
"I really enjoy portraiture..." Really Brian?

After reviewing your post "My Mazda models" I question why you're actually interested in portraiture. (Nov 17, 2022)

To me this post is simply another "guy with a camera" who wants to shoot hot women...
Maybe Learn the art, science and craft of photography before thinking about soliciting a Victoria Secrets Model.

Your post on shooting your first Wedding Event is also rather telling...

Brian contractual & communicational skills are paramount for entering the world of Wedding Photography.
Gene51 (a UHH commercial photographer) gave you pretty much the same advice I'm going to give you here.
"...hook up with a professional wedding photographer and offer your services as a second shooter. This way you can learn how its done."

My journey into commercial photography began working as a lighting assistant for dozens of commercial shooters in my market. I would suggest you consider assisting.
(Those who assist are to be seen not heard, which translates to absolute silence while on an assignment)

To others here who actually may want to work at a commercial level in portraiture...
First and foremost: Work with reputable Model Agencies in your market and hire professional talent. That said you will need to submit your portfolio to an agency before they will consider allowing you to book their talent, especially from their "New Faces" board. Until you have a solid portfolio which is commensurate with and germane for commercial assignments you will be wasting yours and their time.

Second: YouTube is free... Google is your friend, invest hundreds of hours to get your head around what it takes to master commercial photography. Then invest hundreds of hours more to comprehend what is required from an agency model's side of the equation.

Third: Learn how to use your tools effectively... Do this first without a model... Learn the craft of commercial photography as it relates to the specific genre you wish to work in.

Commercial photography is an art form, as such requires an intimate knowledge of all aspects of rendering three dimensional reality into a two dimensional space. There are likely junior colleges that offer introductory course work in art theory, start there.

Brian lest you feel I've ignoring your UHH query.
Here is a book that is appropriate and germane to your "style" of car photography
Successful Glamor Photography by John Kelly
(this is a timeless classic textbook on the aforementioned)

Brian wishing you and others here much success on your photographic journey.

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