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Feb 9, 2012 02:04:28   #
kevindcornwell Loc: Hilo, Hawaii
As the forum Moderator I'd like to welcome your creativity and input to our round-table. Capturing what we see underwater is a unique and uniquely difficult task. As such, this Forum is dedicated to providing a place were we can all share, critique (with tact and air of diplomacy), and even brag about that shark that got away. Please feel free to begin or participate in any topic that has to do with the taking of underwater photos. Cameras, housings, strobes, video, stills, macro, SCUBA gear, whatever. Just keep it clean (remember, even 10 year-olds are certifiable these days), keep it on topic (and if you can't, start a new topic). Only post photos taken underwater. No terrestrial photos unless you're demonstrating some technique that is applicable to U/W Photography.

UHH member "George H" is co-moderator for this forum. His many, many years of U/W photography starting back in the Nikonos days will bring an experienced pool of knowledge to the Forum. You got questions? He's got answers.

Thanks, and Let's Go Diving!

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