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Australian Lighthouse
Feb 6, 2012 15:37:56   #
greymule Loc: Colorado
The Southern Ocean is very treacherous and rough. Here're a couple of a lighthouse

Feb 6, 2012 15:40:54   #
tk Loc: Iowa
Lovely colors! Great shots! Thanks for the look.

Feb 6, 2012 16:36:47   #
Jay Pat Loc: Round Rock, Texas, USA
Well, couldn't you have picked a cloudless sky, day?...Kidding..
I like all of these!!
Looking up the center of the stairs is pretty cool.....
I don't know anything about lighthouses. Anybody mention why the stairs go so far and then there is a landing, then more stairs, so on and so on?
There was another lighthouse post that had the same thing type stair/landing system.

Feb 6, 2012 21:42:16   #
Country's Mama Loc: Michigan
The third would be my favorite, but I am really fascinated with the stairway shot.

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