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Afternoon Walk on the Dock
Sep 19, 2011 18:01:16   #
blondieone Loc: Bayview,Idaho
After rain all morning the sun came out and I put the dust rag down and headed to the docks to see what I shoot...beautful almost Fall day.

Sep 19, 2011 18:20:29   #
mommy115 Loc: California
The first is incredible, the second is really good, and the last doesn't work for me although the water looks fabulous it's just the duck I don't like. If it were me (I love to edit photos) I would save the third one in case you would ever want to use it for a background when editing a photo.Back to the first...what a beautiful setting, nice composition and the colors are nice. I hope you don't mind if I fiddled with it a bit to see if some simple changes would improve it. Sometimes I am not happy with the colors that show up on my photos. So I edit a bit. I did auto levels, auto contrast, and auto color to deepen the colors a little, sharpen a little an brighten it a little. It's OK if you don't like it. As I said, the original is beautiful.
original photo
original photo...
edited photo
edited photo...

Sep 19, 2011 18:31:40   #
blondieone Loc: Bayview,Idaho
The edited looks good. Duck is a little distracting. thanks for taking a look.

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