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Photo Analysis
Photo Analysis -- Rules, please read
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Jan 2, 2012 19:20:35   #
Photo Analysis Section

Just like the Photo Gallery section, the Photo Analysis section is also for posting pictures. But there is a major distinction.

When posting in the Photo Analysis section, you must:
- Ask a specific question about fixing something particular you don't like about your photo. (Help with retaking the shot or with post-production techniques.)
- Post a "mini-tutorial" describing a technique you used to achieve something specific in the photo. (Teach others about framing, lighting, post-processing, etc.)

All other picture posts, such as asking for general critique of some photo, should be placed in the Photo Gallery section. So questions like "What can I do to make this photo better?" should be placed in the Photo Gallery, not in Photo Analysis.

In addition, when asking for help in the Photo Analysis section:
- You must state the settings used for taking the picture (ISO, aperture, shutter speed, any body presets). If you don't have the exact numbers, then please recall them the best you can.
- You must describe the lighting (sources, intensity, locations, weather, etc.). Again, if you don't remember the specifics do your best describing the environment.
- You must list the gear (body, lenses, etc.)
- You must ask specific questions about either improving the existing picture in post or about retaking the shot.

Posts that don't contain the required information or lack description of a specific issue will be moved to the Photo Gallery section.

You can find out how to upload pictures to the forum here.

Photo Analysis section inherits the general rules of conduct from the Photo Gallery section. You'll find those rules here.

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