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Looking for a new camera & kit
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Nov 26, 2013 18:55:38   #
efrank460 Loc: NE Florida
Thanks for all the input. I'm really considering a factory refurb of the 5200 and some lenses other than the standard 18-55mm. If the used and reconditioned market is as good as reported, I should do well for what I will need. I'm not shooting 7 days a week but more on the event based or occasional basis. Thanks again for all the input.

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Nov 26, 2013 19:35:14   #
Rbrylawski Loc: Tampa, FL
amehta wrote:
All 35mm film shooters know about ISO, though they may call it ASA. When buying film, that was the 3rd question you asked, after b&w/color and slide/negative. :-)

I have a strong tendency to avoid zooms with a focal length range bigger than 5x, so I avoid any super-zooms. I think the optical engineers have to cut too many corners compared to using 2 lenses. So I'd prefer an 18-55 and 55-200 over a single 18-200 lens.

I wouldn't assume all film shooters know about ASA. For many, they simply bought 100 speed or maybe 400 speed, without any real understanding. And ISO is a bit more complicated when today's cameras can shoot pictures in the thousands.

As to the zoom, that's fine. I once had the 18-55 and 55-200. I personally have found the 18-200 to be a great lens and is in fact my most used lens.

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Nov 26, 2013 20:25:02   #
amehta Loc: Boston
Rbrylawski wrote:
I wouldn't assume all film shooters know about ASA. For many, they simply bought 100 speed or maybe 400 speed, without any real understanding. And ISO is a bit more complicated when today's cameras can shoot pictures in the thousands.

True, people often didn't know what they were using, and now ISO is a real-time decision with a much wider usable range. More to think about during each set of pictures.

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Nov 26, 2013 21:01:23   #
Nikon_Bill Loc: South Florida
As to camera brand, lens, and flash you need, I don't even want to go there. (That could start a riot! :))

What I will say, having gone through it myself several times, is to buy your camera from a reputable dealer, in order to have a warranty that will be honored if and when you need it, without having to send it out of the country and back to some foreign supplier. For a list of certified Nikon dealers, you can obtain it on line at NikonUSA, and I would think the same for other name brands.
You can also save $200.00+ if you opt to buy factory refurbished equipment that comes with a factory warranty and the manufacturer will repair it later. If it's import, some major brands won't touch the equipment in or out of warranty. You can get it cheaper as an import, for some of the same brands and models of cameras and lenses, but I didn't want the head ache of dealing with that.

A good certified factory distributor and repair company such as Adorama, B&H Photo, and others, may not give the lowest price, but they will deal fair and stand solid behind what you get. Be aware, that when you buy on line and use pay pal that you don't have to pay tax! That can save you another $80.00 or more on a kit.

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Nov 26, 2013 21:58:20   #
Uuglypher Loc: South Dakota (East River)
efrank460 wrote:
Hi, all;
Am new to posting on this forum but have been lurking and reading trying to absorb from the wealth of experience. Used to have a 35mm back in the film days. Took a lot of photos strictly as an amateur and enjoyed using the different lenses, for different types of shots in all kinds of situations. The camera went the way of all things mechanical and we got rid of the whole kit. With the advent of digital I can see that the technical end of this has changed dramatically. I would like to get back into the amateur end of photography and must make a decision on what to buy, where to buy it and what is the final price. We are approaching retirement have grandchildren of all ages and interests and live near the water. The opportunity and desire for wildlife shots as well as shots of grandchildren from infants to high school athletes are available. The budget is set at $1,000 max. If I can get an occasional shot that can be blown up and printed, we would be thrilled. I’ve looked at a few cameras and a friend has a Canon Rebel T3 and takes nice shots at the zoo. Some of the cameras I’ve been considering are the Canon T3i, the Nikon 3200 & 5200. Whereas we have no remaining 35mm equipment we are also considering one of the kit packages. Pricing some of these out at the local big box stores eats up $1,000 pretty fast with none of the extras like a variety of lenses, bags, tripod, additional battery, charger, filters, lens hoods, etc., etc. I see there are several suppliers who sell packages online that look pretty economical. A few of the features that I like on some of the cameras are the articulated viewing screen, the higher mps on some, the auto focus feature and at my age the image stabilization. I will go again to one of the stores and try to hold a camera and work the menu. With the camera wired to the display counter it is a little difficult to get a true feel for it.
1. Has anyone had experience buying one of the all inclusive kits from an online seller? Were you satisfied? Can they be dealt with in terms of returns, or an item that is not as advertised?
2. Is there a best way of locating refurbished equipment as some of the forum members recommend it; I don’t see many ads for these items.
3. Is there any item or dealer we should avoid?
4. Finally, any suggestions/opinions as to which camera and set of lenses. The reviews from this forum appear to be more genuine, authentic and based on experience.

Thanks in advance,

Hi, all; br Am new to posting on this forum but ha... (show quote)

Avoid " 42nd Street Camra" and " Broadway".
they offer most any body at a good price, but if they can't talk you into a host of other items and insurance packages they take your order, but tell you the body is back-ordered...and keep telling you that for weeks...or whenever it may be hat you cancel he order! I guess it's legal, but in my experience they will just never make good on the sale of a body only!

Dave in SD

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