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REVISION TO READ LIST, PLEASE VOTE: books for August/September
Jul 10, 2013 08:46:38   #
Brenda IS Scottish Loc: GOLDEN Colorado
Since the month is already a 3rd over, lets aim for August & Septembers books and I'll pull a few articles and post them for July's readings. I'm thinking

Understanding Exposure by Brian Peterson for August


criticizing photographs by terry barrett - for september

I know there is a newer version of Criticizing, however, the price tag was WAY out there, and My professor said the older version is a good read, and my suggestions for Criticizing was for the previous version. You can pick up a copy for around 5 bucks including shipping.

Vote via post on this thread.

Understanding Exposure might be a good follow up to the histogram discussions, but then again, learning what to look for in a photo is a good skill to have too. Remember this isn't a this or nothing. We can always do the other book the following month or even something else, as long as people holler out it gets put up.

I got a few shoutouts on these two books so that is why I'm putting them up. I figure the criticizing book may take longer for people to acquire so I placed that up for September.

Jul 10, 2013 19:23:03   #
jvo Loc: left coast of the east coast
my technique could always use improvement though it not because of a lack of knowledge or understanding... i really need to take more time with my photograhy. all that by way of saying i'll pass for august and definitely do september book.

i will also commit to coming up with some suggestions in the next 10 days for the coming months.

this is great- thanks for your hard work and consideration.

Aug 18, 2014 06:37:59   #
tor24tor Loc: Caldwell, NJ
Just placed my order for Criticizing Photographs on ($1.75 + S/H), and I have Exposure. Looking forward to participating (but not quite sure how this works??

Aug 22, 2014 01:23:20   #
lighthouse Loc: No Fixed Abode
tor24tor wrote:
Just placed my order for Criticizing Photographs on ($1.75 + S/H), and I have Exposure. Looking forward to participating (but not quite sure how this works??

Tor24tor, I think you will find the lights are on but no ones home.
Its basically a dead board and the post you replied to is 13 months old.

Jul 17, 2016 18:25:18   #
Wallbanger Loc: Madison, WI
Interesting. I came here expecting a book club around actual photographers published works, not how to books on DSLRs. I haven't gone through the full history of the group, is there any history here of discussing actual photo books?

EDIT - Never mind, I see the voting for August/September post was from several years ago. Looks like this is a ghost town.

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