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I really need some help here - with the "vision" of the book club
Jun 8, 2013 08:48:58   #
Brenda IS Scottish Loc: GOLDEN Colorado
Ok, what does everyone else envision this book club to be? A single book assigned every month, articles thrown in as extras? An entire month dedicated to articles? Should we throw out three or four books at a time and everyone reads their choice and discusses them on separate threads? I really want to see this group take off and grow but I really need some help on this one. Let me know what you anticipate or hope to see happen.

Do you want to keep the book costs to a minimum, ie,. kindle available books or books that are available in a used format? Beginner books, advanced books, PLEASE help me out.

Jul 8, 2013 10:28:04   #
jvo Loc: left coast of the east coast
For me, without firm deadlines, things take longer. i need hard dates. (self-imposed ones don't seem to work for me 'cause there is never enough time and i know i can let those slip.)

i think for me book clubs have worked because the readers have a connection/relationship beyond the book. (i think what i mean by that is they have a history within which to view peoples comments about the book under discussion) i don't know how you develop that online.

the only other book clubs i've been part of have been face-to-face, so more responsive and immediate. maybe trying as well as the comments thread is something to try.

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