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WPC 1312 - DIY
Mar 22, 2013 04:39:54   #
St3v3M Loc: 35,000 feet
Hey Hedgehogs, it’s time for another Weekly Photo Challenge. This week’s is entitled *DIY.
*DIY = Do It Yourself.

The challenges are simple. You start with a theme, but the twist is that everyone needs to submit a statement with their photo that explains the ‘who, what, where, why, when or how’ they went through to get it. This helps us ‘feel’ the moment as you did, but can also help with voting. You might also find some great tips to make you better.

Remember this is about challenging yourself, pushing beyond your limits, so have fun and try anything and everything whether you are good at it or not.

Now for the legal stuff:
- Contests start Friday mornings and end Wednesday evenings (EST)
- Voting starts Thursday morning and ends Friday evening (EST)
- One original entry per user, and entries may only be used once. Repeats will be rejected.
- Photos MUST include statement as noted above. Untitled will be rejected.
- Post processing is fine, but please keep it to the absolute minimum
- Archived photos are not encouraged - please shoot your photo during the challenge
- Once voting starts there can be no additional entries
- To keep it fair, the user names and vote counts are hidden until voting is over and winners are announced.
- All votes are anonymous
- A maximum of 250 entries will be allowed per challenge
- And of course, the rules are subject to change as the challenges require

If you need me, send a Private Message or leave a Reply here. Thank you all! St3v3M

> Post Your Entries Here: <

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