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Jan 25, 2023
Main Photography Discussion
Weather sealing
by starlifter from Towson, MD, 72 posts
Will we ever get back to 3-d images and viewing?
by OldSchool-WI from Brandon, Wisconsin 53919, 75 posts
New Mac M2 chip introduced in Mac products
by coolhanduke from Redondo Beach, CA, 51 posts
Arsenal 2
by gdbrede from Alexandria mn, 27 posts
Problem with Canon R6 II-HELP
by Ava'sPapa from Cheshire, Ct., 33 posts
by MS. DONNA from NEW SMYRNA BEACH FL, 12 posts
Z50 Firmare Update version 2.40
by Bill_de from US, 5 posts
Judging photo contests
by JD750 from SoCal, 108 posts
Why are handgrips always on the right side?
by AndyT from Hampstead, New Hampshire, 76 posts
I guess one is never too old to be stupid!
by AzPicLady from Behind the camera!, 81 posts
Shutterfly not a good start.
by redlegfrog, 52 posts
by Charles 46277 from Fulton County, KY, 77 posts
Photo Contests, Challenges, Periodicals
Weekly Challenge - January 22 - 27: “How I Improve My Mood and Keep ‘Warm’ in Winter"
by joecichjr from Chicago S. Suburbs, Illinois, USA, 440 posts
Challenge: Free Sunday 1/21/23
by Photogirl17 from Glenwood, Ark., 84 posts
Challenge: White - Jan. 16 - 21
by LeeK from Washington State, 764 posts
Photo Gallery
Hot Air Balloon Flight Over The "Valley Of The Kings"
by Hereford from Palm Coast, FL, 48 posts
Nothing left but flowers
by UTMike from South Jordan, UT, 69 posts
Another Barn from After the Storm
by jaymatt from Alexandria, Indiana, 58 posts
Page, AZ
by b top gun, 29 posts
Hi there Clouds
by Sylvias from North Yorkshire England, 49 posts
another resto
by WILLARD98407 from TACOMA, WA., 26 posts
An old one ...
by Bill_de from US, 25 posts
The Light Bulb Photo Shoot
by JerseyBob from New Jersey, 34 posts
African Hemp Flowers
by JohnSwanda from San Francisco, 19 posts
Another gloomy day brightener.
by DRam11 from Polson, MT, 17 posts
Cone Flower
by sippyjug104 from Missouri, 28 posts
I got some moon pictures
by jgreg from Wi, 18 posts
Neighbor's @$$
by Real Nikon Lover from Ventura County, California, 30 posts
Another IR
by topcat from Alameda, CA, 23 posts
Hamilton, Ohio
by tradio from Oxford, Ohio, 13 posts
Looking to Improve ( this shot and going forward )
by Steve V from New Jersey, 25 posts
by autofocus from North Central Connecticut, 23 posts
Village Parlor
by tradio from Oxford, Ohio, 11 posts
Just another IR
by topcat from Alameda, CA, 22 posts
New Apartments
by tradio from Oxford, Ohio, 10 posts
Bottles In The Window
by Pixelmaster from New England, 9 posts
this what happens when not thinking about the whole photo
by home brewer from Fort Wayne, Indiana, 10 posts
A Year Ago
by Paul B. from North Carolina, 8 posts
by daythedog from Las Vegas, 8 posts
More artifacts from Papua New Guinea
by bcheary from Jacksonville, FL, 13 posts
Chimneys Trail Head - GSMNP
by Jim Plogger from East Tennessee, 8 posts
Artifacts from Papua New Guinea.
by bcheary from Jacksonville, FL, 11 posts
Hillside On Lake Como Italy.JPG
by hdfilmnoir from New Mexico, 6 posts
3D - My Favorite Place to Loiter...
by Guyserman from Benton, AR, 6 posts
Where is the sun???
by b top gun, 4 posts
3D - Passage to Somewhere.
by SoHillGuy from Washington, 5 posts
Sub-Gallery: Birds
Bald Eagle
by Regis from Coeur d' Alene, Idaho, 47 posts
White Pelican
by Dan Thornton from Corpus Christi, Texas, 28 posts
Afternoon visit - Hawk
by FLMusicman, 20 posts
Not B&W for a change -- just something for the birds
by Bridges from Memphis, Charleston SC, now Nazareth PA, 19 posts
Black Point
by Retired CPO from Travel full time in an RV, 33 posts
Black Point Wildlife Drive Merritt Island Florida
by Retired CPO from Travel full time in an RV, 31 posts
GBH and gull
by srsincary from Cary, NC, 25 posts
Male and Female Anhinga courtship
by billnikon from Pennsylvania/Ohio/Florida/Maui/Oregon/Vermont, 18 posts
I got back out with my Canon 600mm f11
by jgreg from Wi, 12 posts
A few from the backyard today
by Jack47 from Ontario, 4 posts
General Chit-Chat (non-photography talk)
Some a little corny, some clever, mostly funny
by markngolf from Bridgewater, NJ, 41 posts
A few more oldies...
by Ava'sPapa from Cheshire, Ct., 57 posts
Centenarian celebrates her 105th birthday
by samantha90 from Fort Worth,Texas, 23 posts
Momentary Foot Switch
by jerryc41 from Catskill Mts of NY, 31 posts
Need photo gear advice for a very unexpected trip!
by BassmanBruce from Middle of the Mitten, 17 posts
Some thoughts for entering 2023
by bcheary from Jacksonville, FL, 29 posts
Paperless Billing
by jerryc41 from Catskill Mts of NY, 26 posts
Parking in The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
by Jim Plogger from East Tennessee, 21 posts
In Honour of Robert Burns Day - Jan. 25
by rmalarz from Tempe, Arizona, 15 posts
David Tolley on The Tonight Show
by bcheary from Jacksonville, FL, 11 posts
The Downside of Financial Programs
by jerryc41 from Catskill Mts of NY, 8 posts
High tides and big waves did it
by pmorin from Huntington Beach, Palm Springs, 7 posts
Oh, Deer!
by jerryc41 from Catskill Mts of NY, 3 posts
Members Buy/Sell/Trade -- Classifieds
by HRBIEL from Rapid City, SD, 5 posts
Canon 5D Mark IV Bundle (Withdrawn - selling local)
by Basil from New Mexico, 5 posts
Nikon Gear for Sale - Only a few items left
by Sharon Avila Photography from Florida, 8 posts
WTB a Nikon
by Manglesphoto from 70 miles south of St.Louis, 1 post
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