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Jun 22, 2022
Main Photography Discussion
Shall I update my camera?
by Urnst from Brownsville, Texas, 103 posts
Question about rechargeable batteries
by Jack47 from Ontario, 57 posts
Editing programs
by flyboy61 from The Great American Desert, 61 posts
by Gatorcoach from New Jersey, 65 posts
New use for old lens
by geok, 26 posts
Printer- scanner
by Photolady2014 from Southwest Colorado, 31 posts
Any Sigma 150-600mm telephoto users for Airshows?
by Harry P from United Kingdom, 21 posts
Need help with backpack
by Ufauxreal, 13 posts
New Z9 - Thoughts
by capmike from New Bern, NC, 9 posts
Nikon D1x
by alvin3232 from Houston, TX, 24 posts
Videotape conversion
by EAM from Milwaukee W, 8 posts
Topaz not syncing with LR
by MBW66 from NH, USA, 10 posts
lens cleaning
by joecool560 from Florida, 4 posts
SONY A1 firmware update requires Lightroom Update
by hjkarten from San Diego, California, 6 posts
Photo Contests, Challenges, Periodicals
(rerun) Challenge: Trees All Year-June 20-25
by photophile from Lakewood, Ohio, USA, 413 posts
(rerun) Challenge: Free Sunday - June 17, 2022
by lhammer43 from San Antonio, TX, 187 posts
(rerun) Challenge: Gardens, Flags and 4 more "Special" Days 6/13-18/2022
by PAToGraphy from Portland ME area, 531 posts
Photo Gallery
Moose in Jackson Hole
by Bill McKenna, 55 posts
Foxy girl
by Bozsik from Orangevale, California, 43 posts
by KTJohnson from Northern Michigan, 36 posts
Early walk shots
by UTMike from South Jordan, UT, 58 posts
Bison Range, Moiese, Montana
by MT native from Big Sky Country — Montana, 32 posts
by Photolady2014 from Southwest Colorado, 31 posts
Lake Palourde-Sun reflection on the water
by RedArrow from Coastal Louisiana, 40 posts
More From "Back To The Fifties"
by Bushpilot from Minnesota, 28 posts
1970 Olds
by KTJohnson from Northern Michigan, 21 posts
Tourists Wanted
by Dr.Nikon from Honolulu Hawaii, 20 posts
Back To The Fifties
by Bushpilot from Minnesota, 23 posts
Chaco Canyon 5 NM.JPG
by hdfilmnoir from New Mexico, 21 posts
Checked the Weed patch today
by Manglesphoto from 70 miles south of St.Louis, 24 posts
A few Insect Photos From Our Yard 6-20-2022
by Sinewsworn from Port Orchard, WA, 35 posts
Squirrelly Way To Go?
by Sinewsworn from Port Orchard, WA, 31 posts
California Juniper Bonsai
by Craigdca from Pasadena, California, 33 posts
Take Your Rest
by Bob Yankle from Burlington, NC, 18 posts
Grape Hyacinth
by joecichjr from Chicago S. Suburbs, Illinois, USA, 25 posts
It's Not A Handgun.
by FotoHog from on Cloud 9, 18 posts
Coney Island workshop, continued
by daldds from NYC, 14 posts
Fill 'er Up
by ImageCreator from The Liberal Cespool called California, 13 posts
Vintage Photo Stuff
by DeanS from Capital City area of North Carolina, 18 posts
Hoppity Hop to the Lawn & Garden Flower Shop
by sippyjug104 from Missouri, 16 posts
sole survivor
by malawibob from South Carolina, 13 posts
Rearview Of Reticence
by FotoHog from on Cloud 9, 11 posts
Old Saint Louis Warehouse
by flashlarue from Saint Louis, Mo, 14 posts
Damsel and others
by Muddyvalley from McMinnville, Oregon, 14 posts
One Look and It 'Flew' Away
by bwana from Bergen, Alberta, Canada, 13 posts
by tinyman from oil city la., 17 posts
For Curmudgeon
by JimmyTB, 17 posts
mabe forever
by William from Mississippi, 23 posts
3D - Old Studio Camera.
by SoHillGuy from Washington, 7 posts
Sub-Gallery: Birds
Nest destroyed
by J-SPEIGHT from Akron, Ohio, 35 posts
Great blue heron
by mli1201 from Lincoln Nebraska, 21 posts
An Awesome Hawk
by joecichjr from Chicago S. Suburbs, Illinois, USA, 26 posts
Bombay Hook NWR ...
by Bill_de from US, 29 posts
More of the "Rave"
by Retired CPO from Travel full time in an RV, 26 posts
Birds in flight
by Richard HZ from Indiana, US, 14 posts
Juvenile Eagle Sequence
by ecobin from Paoli, PA, 15 posts
Hummer at the local park
by huskerfan07, 14 posts
Uh-Uh, Bird!
by joecichjr from Chicago S. Suburbs, Illinois, USA, 20 posts
This is MY swing!
by BooIsMyCat from Somewhere, 12 posts
Z 9 Pics
by capmike from New Bern, NC, 11 posts
Tonights variety of feathered friends
by Tom DePuy from Waxhaw, NC...Just east of Charlotte, 14 posts
by joer from Colorado/Illinois, 12 posts
Harris Hawk
by LeRoy V. from Oro Valley, Az, 16 posts
Strike A Pose
by joer from Colorado/Illinois, 9 posts
Fuzzy Baby Buzzards
by cameranut from North Carolina, 16 posts
Harris Hawk
by LeRoy V. from Oro Valley, Az, 13 posts
Birds and the bees errr wasp?
by JimmyTB, 9 posts
Harris Hawk
by LeRoy V. from Oro Valley, Az, 4 posts
House Sparrow
by joer from Colorado/Illinois, 3 posts
Introduce Yourself
Introduce myself
by TigerKat412 from Phoenix AZ, 18 posts
General Chit-Chat (non-photography talk)
by jerryc41 from Catskill Mts of NY, 31 posts
by jerryc41 from Catskill Mts of NY, 25 posts
Drive-In Shopping?
by jerryc41 from Catskill Mts of NY, 16 posts
A Place for Everything
by jerryc41 from Catskill Mts of NY, 18 posts
Mens Room or Ladies Room - 1
by jerryc41 from Catskill Mts of NY, 11 posts
From out of the shadows words appear
by gtilford from Woodstock, Ontario, Canada, 11 posts
Identification, Please
by jerryc41 from Catskill Mts of NY, 13 posts
Cool RC Car
by jerryc41 from Catskill Mts of NY, 7 posts
(rerun) Another list of imponderables.
by SteveR from Dallas, 25 posts
(rerun) How long do you give this marriage?
by Cheese, 16 posts
Members Buy/Sell/Trade -- Classifieds
Nikon D700 and Sony A99
by lincoln85 from Sun City, Arizona, 12 posts
Phottix BG-5D Battery Grip Holder for Canon EOS 5D Mark ll - $30 (SOLD)
by Tom 0933 from East Troy, Wisconsin, 1 post
(rerun) Zip Drives
by Gilkar, 21 posts
(rerun) AGFA B2 Speedex Junior Sold
by blumoon722, 8 posts
(rerun) SOLD.....Collectors: 2 Agfa-Ansco PD16 cameras
by petercbrandt from New York City, Manhattan, 9 posts
Links and Resources
San Francisco - 2022.05.22
by sergiohm, 6 posts
Celestial Opportunity
by halraiser, 1 post
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