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Oct 12, 2021
Main Photography Discussion
Long lenses
by Ruthlessrider, 51 posts
Camera Settings/Gear for Egypt
by wannabe63 from Bellevue, Washington, 37 posts
Photoshop 6
by rfbeams from Stanwood, Washington, 28 posts
Recommended photographers for Africian safari
by 72mgb from Pennsylvania, 18 posts
by psievers, 20 posts
Lightroom to Photoshop Issue
by scubadoc, 24 posts
Camera Comparison
by 2dawgs from Eastern Washington State, 10 posts
Light room on the move
by Roy Levit from New York, 10 posts
(rerun) Small But Powerful Laptop for Trip
by Terry in Indiana from rural Indiana, 69 posts
(rerun) Teleconverters
by VietVet from Brooklyn, NY, 115 posts
(rerun) Stupid stuff
by starlifter from Towson, MD, 65 posts
(rerun) Where is my Canon Camera
by ImageCreator from West Coast, 60 posts
(rerun) Disabled Veteran needs camera
by Christaylor, 87 posts
Photo Contests, Challenges, Periodicals
(rerun) Challenge ABANDONED 09/30-10/02
by dane004 from WYOMING, 348 posts
(rerun) Challenge: Mushrooms, Fungi, Toadstools, Lichen 10/4-6/21
by PAToGraphy from Portland ME area, 346 posts
(rerun) CHALLENGE: Find Your Path-10:7-10:9
by photophile from Lakewood, Ohio, USA, 286 posts
Photo Gallery
by Regis from Coeur d' Alene, Idaho, 73 posts
A few of my favourite Bird pics from the archives..
by angler from StHelens England, 67 posts
Alpine Loop light work
by UTMike from South Jordan, UT, 66 posts
West Virginia trip from 2 weeks ago
by PJinOH from Columbus, OH, 34 posts
Colorado Gold--Part I
by dmeyer from Nebo, NC, 55 posts
A Few From Our Yard 10-8-2021
by Sinewsworn from Port Orchard, WA, 52 posts
Moths and Bees
by John from gpwmi from Michigan, 49 posts
Breakfast with a friend...
by tommystrat from Northwest Montana, 30 posts
Before The Rain - Iceland October 2021
by osoblancophoto from Venice FL, 26 posts
See....we do work sometimes!
by CindyHouk from Columbia Falls MT, 48 posts
Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep Rams & Ewes
by jederick from Northern Utah, 45 posts
Things Part 1
by danniel from North Port, Florida, 35 posts
by rusty nails from Palm Coast FL., 21 posts
Storm panorama over the Lake
by Lucian from From Wales, living in Ohio, 22 posts
First of the Season!
by quixdraw from American Free States -- Montana, 35 posts
by Dan Thornton from Corpus Christi, Texas, 18 posts
Orange County triathlon
by BrentHarder from Southern California, 35 posts
Painted Lady Butterfly
by Streets from Euless, TX., 19 posts
Fun Birding Ocala Florida
by gary8803, 17 posts
Almost Queen
by J-SPEIGHT from Akron, Ohio, 29 posts
Portraits of a family…
by daldds from NYC, 17 posts
Butterflies and water snakes
by joelbolden, 17 posts
A GBH posing...
by vonzip from cape cod, 27 posts
Blue Angels
by topcat from Alameda, CA, 21 posts
A Little Photoshop Fun.
by Blurryeyed from NC Mountains., 18 posts
B&W edit of grist mill
by tradio from Oxford, Ohio, 14 posts
The Back Side
by Paul B. from North Carolina, 22 posts
Feeding Station
by Zooman 1, 13 posts
Flowers and Pier
by Alicia2 from San Clemente, 11 posts
Now that the little green hummingbirds have left....
by tainkc from Kansas City, 27 posts
example of not paying attention to foreground and back ground
by home brewer from Fort Wayne, Indiana, 14 posts
The Loner
by FotoHog from on Cloud 9, 10 posts
B's, etc
by Firstshot from East,tn, 9 posts
Foveon pic....
by MrBob from lookout Mtn. NE Alabama, 11 posts
Introduce Yourself
(rerun) Hi, hedgehoggers
by lordblair from Oklahoma, 16 posts
General Chit-Chat (non-photography talk)
Possibly of Interest to the Grammar Police Type
by rmalarz from Tempe, Arizona, 25 posts
The Rookie Pilot
by Kraken from Barry's Bay, 21 posts
Drug Names
by jerryc41 from Catskill Mts of NY, 20 posts
TV Problem Solved
by jerryc41 from Catskill Mts of NY, 19 posts
by napabob from Napa CA, 8 posts
encouragement for my new headline avoidance paradigm
by napabob from Napa CA, 8 posts
Dog Owners Will Understand
by jerryc41 from Catskill Mts of NY, 8 posts
I like it......
by napabob from Napa CA, 7 posts
I'm back
by Curmudgeon from SE Arizona, 11 posts
s#$t happens.......
by napabob from Napa CA, 6 posts
Monarch butterfly
by tairving from Magnolia, Texas USA, 5 posts
Interesting Comic Strip
by jerryc41 from Catskill Mts of NY, 9 posts
Funny, but Maybe True
by jerryc41 from Catskill Mts of NY, 4 posts
Horror Movie
by Cheese, 3 posts
Members Buy/Sell/Trade -- Classifieds
Picture roller.
by plumbbob1, 12 posts
BenQ SW320 Monitor For Sale
by SilverbackPhoto from Florida, 11 posts
Epson V850 Pro Color Scanner SOLD
by SilverbackPhoto from Florida, 16 posts
Westcott pc cord repair tool
by silver from Santa Monica Ca., 3 posts
(rerun) Nikon 750 and 2 Nikkor lenses SOLD
by lordblair from Oklahoma, 15 posts
(rerun) Nikon TC-20E ii Teleconverter
by d3200prime, 5 posts
(rerun) Fuji lenses for sale
by WayneL from Baltimore Md, 5 posts
Links and Resources
Photographic History
by rockdog from Berkeley, Ca., 5 posts
Salt Water Mud Puddle Report
by Don Schaeffer from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada, 1 post
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