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May 4, 2021
Main Photography Discussion
Canon R5 and R6 - Blurry pictures
by Bobmski from Atlanta, Ga, 42 posts
Transfer Pictures From Camera To Ipad
by John Lawrence, 44 posts
Nikon sale
by DaveyDitzer from Western PA, 22 posts
Adding Another Body Help
by ImageCreator from West Coast, 18 posts
New Play Toy
by timeve, 10 posts
Nikon Sale
by DaveyDitzer from Western PA, 7 posts
The Big South Fork
by DHenard from Northeast Tennessee, 7 posts
Help please...
by Valenta from Top of NZ, 4 posts
(rerun) Quick survey - I'm RAW + MANUAL
by twosummers, 151 posts
(rerun) One more question and I'll quit bothering you
by Curmudgeon from SE Arizona, 90 posts
(rerun) Keeping Your Brain Sharp
by jerryc41 from Catskill Mts of NY, 76 posts
(rerun) Crop factor affects maximum F/stop?
by flyboy61 from The Great American Desert, 173 posts
(rerun) Iceland
by Rgandel from South Orange, NJ, 76 posts
Photo Contests, Challenges, Periodicals
(rerun) Challenge: Animals: Pets, at Zoos or in the Wild-April 22-24
by photophile from Lakewood, Ohio, USA, 569 posts
(rerun) Challenge: Selective Color - May 3-5, 2021
by PAToGraphy from Portland ME area, 539 posts
(rerun) Challenge: April 26th-28th 2021 "Weeds"
by Lorima from Colorado, 319 posts
Photo Gallery
Vintage little cars from after war Europa.
by blacks2 from SF. Bay area, 106 posts
Strolling with my baby
by billnikon from Pennsylvania/Ohio/Florida/Maui/Oregon/Vermont, 44 posts
A weekend in Georgia
by Cwilson341 from Central Florida, 79 posts
keep her roots cool and she'll bloom like a fool
by merrytexan from georgia, 71 posts
From the Marsh Today
by kpmac from Ragley, La, 69 posts
Working the backlight
by Photolady2014 from Southwest Colorado, 41 posts
Tennessee River morning
by SnappyHappy from Rome, Jawja, 54 posts
The tree elf
by SueScott from Hammondsville, Ohio, 33 posts
Glacier Point, Yosemite National Park
by BrentHarder from Southern California, 61 posts
We Should Get Together More Often
by deanfl from Georgia, 30 posts
Switzerland: Stresa On Lake Maggiore In Northern Italy
by srfmhg from Marin County, CA, 58 posts
Squabbles at Madera Canyon
by jdtonkinson from Green Valley, AZ, 54 posts
Magee marsh
by J-SPEIGHT from Akron, Ohio, 56 posts
Mr. Squirrel
by jaymatt from Alexandria, Indiana, 53 posts
Frosty Early
by quixdraw from American Free States -- Montana, 48 posts
Into The Wetlands and Marshes
by John from gpwmi from Michigan, 47 posts
Ping Tom Memorial Park
by CHG_CANON from the Windy City, 32 posts
by joer from Northern Illinois, 23 posts
Today's adventure - Hankerchief Lake
by CindyHouk from Columbia Falls MT, 38 posts
Magee marsh and Ottowa Wildlife Refuge
by J-SPEIGHT from Akron, Ohio, 38 posts
Great Egret Feeding Frenzy
by jimvanells from Augusta, GA, 30 posts
Spider territorial dispute
by JRiepe from Southern Illinois, 37 posts
More Weeds
by Manglesphoto from 70 miles south of St.Louis, 36 posts
Hummers; Canyon Towhee; Scott's Oriole; Wren; Bluebird - High Desert Beauty!
by DirkWill from Albuquerque, New Mexico, 19 posts
Just a little trail
by Horseart from Alabama, 33 posts
Tree Swallow
by Butchbmore, 24 posts
Crinkles Chocolate Cookies
by Tito14 from Central Florida, 20 posts
by joer from Northern Illinois, 19 posts
A southeast
by PAR4DCR from A Sunny Place, 29 posts
Focus Stacked Crane Fly
by sippyjug104 from Missouri, 27 posts
Pelican BIF
by newsguygeorge from Victoria, Texas, 16 posts
Helping my friends
by Tito14 from Central Florida, 22 posts
Waikiki aviator
by Real Nikon Lover from So Cal, 10 posts
A flirty little bird
by NotAnselAdams from Pueblo, CO, 11 posts
Introduce Yourself
by Hodge from England, 20 posts
Thanks for everyone's help !
by JK_Nikon from BoCoMO, 20 posts
General Chit-Chat (non-photography talk)
Plagerized, but too funny
by FrumCA from VA, 27 posts
Some Humor
by jerryc41 from Catskill Mts of NY, 18 posts
"No Name" Flash Drives
by jerryc41 from Catskill Mts of NY, 18 posts
Be more....
by FRENCHY from Stone Mountain , Ga, 11 posts
iMac Question
by jerryc41 from Catskill Mts of NY, 21 posts
USB Hub Recommendations?
by jerryc41 from Catskill Mts of NY, 16 posts
From the Punmaster
by jerryc41 from Catskill Mts of NY, 6 posts
(rerun) Question Windows 10 Pro
by Thomas Firth, 55 posts
(rerun) Our mentor
by Stash from South Central Massachusetts, 16 posts
(rerun) I'll Bet A Weeks Wages
by Kraken from Barry's Bay, 16 posts
Members Buy/Sell/Trade -- Classifieds
FUJI X-Mount Lenses
by patcarls47, 32 posts
FOR SALE: Canon EOS 7D MkII with grip
by Ny5y from Mississippi, 4 posts
(rerun) Infrared Cameras
by CarolS, 19 posts
Links and Resources
Cotton Carrier Straps
by CindyHouk from Columbia Falls MT, 13 posts
Canon vs Hasselblad
by Architect1776 from In my mind, 16 posts
Life in Color by David Attenborough
by TriX from Raleigh, NC, 6 posts
Interesting composition exercise
by rwilson1942 from Houston, TX, 4 posts
Onion Sprout
by Don Schaeffer from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada, 1 post
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