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Feb 22, 2021
Main Photography Discussion
Dr. TOPAZ to photography STAT!!
   by Howard5252 from New York / Florida (now), 66 posts
   by JOEharbor, 29 posts
New printer for photos
   by Sidwalkastronomy from New Jersey Shore, 27 posts
   by Trying51, 31 posts
Flash trigger question.
   by d3200prime, 23 posts
Which teleconverter?
   by jradose from Mansfield, Ohio, 23 posts
Canon 100-400 (with extender/converter) or Tamron 150-600?
   by lwhite61 from Kentucky, 25 posts
Available dark
   by gvarner from Central Oregon Coast, 17 posts
Apple's Final Cut Pro
   by TrishV from Now living on Whidbey Island, WA, 23 posts
Sony RX10-4 problem
   by CASphoto from Largo, Florida, 10 posts
Extension tube pre Ai
   by Gianfranco47 from Senoia GA, 6 posts
Lightroom on Touch Screen Laptop
   by IDguy from Idaho, 13 posts
remote control
   by Charles 46277 from Fulton County, KY, 5 posts
(rerun) Anyone still using film?
   by Photopix6, 140 posts
(rerun) Cataracts
   by joballem from Boston, MA, 78 posts
(rerun) Should I learn to repair cameras?
   by fotoman150, 107 posts
(rerun) Mirrorless Camera or DSLR
   by bcharrison, 178 posts
(rerun) What is your worth?
   by Rongnongno from FL, 109 posts
Photo Contests, Challenges, Periodicals
Challeng - Feb. 22 - 24 - It starts with "F"
   by Clicker2014 from Canada, 736 posts
(rerun) Challenge: Trees--Feb. 18-20
   by photophile from Lakewood, Ohio, USA, 609 posts
(rerun) Challenge: Free Sunday - February 21, 2021
   by lhammer43 from San Antonio, TX, 267 posts
(rerun) Challenge: "Love" Songs, Quotes, Music/Movie Titles: 2/11-2/13/21
   by PAToGraphy from Portland ME area, 475 posts
Photo Gallery
India - Small Birds - On the wing!!
   by Indrajeet Singh from Goa, India, 53 posts
It arrived today from KEH
   by Curmudgeon from SE Arizona, 66 posts
Bay BIFs and landcapes
   by UTMike from South Jordan, UT, 84 posts
Door County Sunrise
   by mwilson315, 43 posts
For the Love of Mills with Wheels
   by Bridges from Memphis, Charleston SC, now Nazareth PA, 78 posts
Portland Head Light - Aerial
   by ScottWardwell from Maine, 44 posts
Bald Eagle.
   by Regis from Coeur d' Alene, Idaho, 60 posts
They're back
   by nimbushopper from Tampa, FL, 62 posts
We are so Glad
   by kpmac from Ragley, La, 64 posts
First attempt at conversation to black and white
   by theehmann, 57 posts
Snow Capped Henry Mountains As Evening Approaches
   by jederick from Northern Utah, 63 posts
Calendar images of prior decade -33- 2006: Patagonia: El Calafate & Uruguay
   by weberwest from Ferndale WA, 61 posts
Killdeer Plains
   by J-SPEIGHT from Akron, Ohio, 45 posts
Alaska again.
   by blacks2 from SF. Bay area, 47 posts
My Own Island Retreat
   by FotoHog from Floating on Cloud 9, 29 posts
AMAZING juvenile bald eagle
   by Mi630, 28 posts
Lytham-St.-Annes UK - High Street Scene.
   by Rathyatra from Southport, United Kingdom, 42 posts
   by CindyHouk from Columbia Falls MT, 33 posts
Indian River Getaway
   by jfh2841 from United States, 28 posts
Winter shadows
   by phlash46 from Westchester County, New York, 42 posts
Crystal Cove State Park, California
   by BrentHarder from Southern California, 37 posts
They were fighting for a spot...
   by Tom DePuy from Waxhaw, NC...Just east of Charlotte, 22 posts
Coopers ? Hawk
   by 1FTR from Pacific Northwest - Portland area, 20 posts
Magpie and snow
   by NMGal from NE NM, 18 posts
Barbara in the Americas and Europe
   by phlash46 from Westchester County, New York, 30 posts
Sunday Morning Harrier
   by 1FTR from Pacific Northwest - Portland area, 16 posts
   by joer from Northern Illinois, 21 posts
Companions - Two Bridges In The Night
   by ScottWardwell from Maine, 16 posts
Top of the World
   by MadMikeOne from Southern New Jersey Shore, 22 posts
Deer next to the bedroom window.
   by Davethehiker from South West Pennsylvania, 19 posts
House Sparrow
   by joer from Northern Illinois, 19 posts
Red-tailed hawk
   by Rusty Lens, 11 posts
Icicles, Shadows and Shep
   by NMGal from NE NM, 11 posts
   by SENSORLOUPE, 19 posts
Pink Petals
   by seeSAW from Western Mass, 11 posts
Introduce Yourself
(rerun) Long time viewer
   by KenCan from Chandler, AZ, 18 posts
(rerun) Nature
   by Lemuria from Florida, 19 posts
General Chit-Chat (non-photography talk)
Droopy drawers- an anatomical evaluation
   by SteveR from Dallas, 59 posts
It really was “ duck” tape not “ duct” tape
   by DennyT from Central Missouri woods, 27 posts
Prices Dropping
   by jerryc41 from Catskill Mts of NY, 24 posts
Cold weather
   by nimbushopper from Tampa, FL, 21 posts
A dead end with no outlet....
   by Rongnongno from FL, 26 posts
Some Humor
   by jerryc41 from Catskill Mts of NY, 6 posts
Candy Canes
   by jerryc41 from Catskill Mts of NY, 3 posts
Why not.....?
   by TomC. from Bel Air, MD, 5 posts
Members Buy/Sell/Trade -- Classifieds
SOLD: Micro Nikkor 105mm f2.8 AF D Lens for Sale: $325
   by sscnxy, 26 posts
Filters and camera bag for sale
   by jmancini228 from Central New York, 8 posts
For Sale Canon Multi Purpose lens
   by Dean Schepis, 6 posts
SOLD For Sale wide angle lens
   by Dean Schepis, 4 posts
1 Dx mark 2 and 70-200 f2.8 mark 2
   by Old Edmundo, 2 posts
(rerun) Sold: Nikon D810 body only Brand New in Box $1500 !no longer available!
   by dvbird, 22 posts
(rerun) SELLING: Sony Alpha a6000 Camera with 2 lenses & accessories SOLD
   by mffox from Avon, CT, 15 posts
(rerun) Pentax 645N camera
   by louiseed from N.H,, 12 posts
Links and Resources
Birds & Flowers - Miramar, FL, USA
   by sergiohm, 3 posts
Creaturehood in Biofilm
   by Don Schaeffer from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada, 3 posts
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