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Apple's "Photos"
Hello all,

I recently started using "better" camera in DNG mode.
I don't do very much post processing, just basics.
Apple "Photos" is installed on my laptop.
It looks pretty easy to use...............before I take the plunge.....
Can anyone share their thoughts about using this software?

Thank you.
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Nikon lens selection assistance
I am new to the universe of Nikon lenses. I just bought a d3400 which is an APS-C, DX, camera. So ideally lenses would not be FX. That's because the APS-C sensor will only use the central part of an FX lens, exaggerating any defects it may have. At least, according to Tony Northrup in a video titled "20 Things Most PHOTOGRAPHERS Get WRONG", at about 18:15.

Anyway these are the lenses I have coming.

macro: Nikon AF-S DX Micro-NIKKOR 40mm f/2.8G
50mm prime: Nikon AF FX NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8D (oops, FX lens)
35mm prime: Nikon 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX Lens
kit lens: 18-55 VR
kit lens: 70-300

Questions for a Nikon Noob:

Is [ Nikon AF-P DX NIKKOR 10-20mm f/4.5-5.6G VR ] my best option for getting a wide angle?
Is there a prime 10mm for DX?
Is there a 50mm prime for DX?
Is the 50mm prime, above, about 75mm on a DX?
What would be some interesting discontinued lenses to consider?
Should I avoid CX lenses, unless I don't mind a recalculated focal length?
When a lens is advertised as FX/DX, are they assuming one will recalculate the focal length for DX?
This one looks promising: [ Tokina AT-X PRO 11-16mm f/2.8 SD MF DX IF AF Lens ]

Thanks for your comments!
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Oh! I just love these little guys....
So soft and furry just makes you want to give em' a big hug!

For newbies to macro, yes the tubes gave me much greater magnification, but this shot would have not been possible without a good flash solution.

Download to see the full quality of the shot. Canon 5Dsr, Canon 100mm f/2.8L attached to a full set of tubes. Shot at 1/160th, f/11, ISO 200 fully manual settings and a 1/16th power flash.

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Sharing how an image is part of who we are...
Mr. Shapiro a working photographer posted this comment in the "Rules" subject forum.
"Perhaps it is time, here on this site, to stop all the semantics and etymology and start taking and posting more pictures."

I am not a full time working photographer. I have had cameras all my life and have done some pro shots for my work. I do videography
now for money and charities. Imagery has been the most important part of my life. I was an Art Director for years and a producer. I created a recent promo
"The Five Second Rule" a video sampler about story telling. The concept being in five seconds a video or still(s) can tell a story.
I realize I hold back because my photos are pulled off of 10 bit video. And people, family, events and editorial are a problem to post today.

I realized that 50 years ago I took this shot with a Pentax Spotmatic. What I saw coming was a new world of people being different that
would effect art, politics and life. Wanted to share this photo. Think I added the blur. These 2 ladies were getting a lot of looks on the street.

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Hurricane Florence...
These are some photos from Hurricane Florence....
Taken in the Craven County area...
Not my photos, but have permmisson to post...

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Anonymous Wisdom
“Skill in photography is acquired by practice, not by purchase.”-Anonymous

We all get excited about that new piece of equipment. But it is the time we spend using it that teaches us how to create the images we want.

I have been taking a class at the local community college since 2002, and not missed one semester. It is just fun being around other photographers and we are constantly learning from each other. Also I go on at least two major road trips each year with people who are far better artists then me just to absorb their energy.

So practice makes perfect may apply to us photographers. Although who knows what a perfect photograph looks like?
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Made in China or Japan
Do you find a quality difference from products made in Japan aposed to made in China?
Would you rather buy photography products made in Japan rather then in China to save a few dollars?
For instance xt2 Fuji was made in Japan, xt3 is now assembled in China.
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Green Heron
Green Heron waiting in ambush.

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Another Season Ends...
...A new season begins.

The Hummingbirds are gone. Changed the feeders to seed...set up the blind.

Put out some whole peanuts this morning. The Blue Jays came from nowhere announcing there arrival.

Maybe they were happy to see the blind and associate it with peanuts...maybe not. Who knows what's on a birds mind.

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My shot, your edit. Bull Ring
I haven't received any indication that the challenge is over, and I would like to see the thread.
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