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A few more Atlantic Puffins
A few more Atlantic Puffins (Fratercula) from my visits this year out to the Isle of May off the east coast of Scotland.

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For users of multiple formats, a question
In another thread I noticed that several very talented members bring not just FF and APS gear when they go out shooting for fun, but there are a number who also include medium format, 35 film, and even 4x5 in their equipment when going out to shoot landscapes.

I've got a somewhat different approach, which is, I think, based on approaching photo opportunities based on the type of equipment (and associated mental and photographic processes) I'm taking to the scene rather than the inherent nature of the scene. Sometimes I feel like "working slow" and I'll haul out my 4x5 cases for a trip to a destination I feel would be fun to photograph in this manner. Sometimes I feel like I want to be economical of shots and make big images, so the medium format bag comes out. Likewise with my old 35mm kit (all fixed focal length lenses).

Mostly, my APS DSLR bag goes with me all the time, for both business and artistic purposes. I also have my cell phone and a full frame Rollei 35 with me pretty much everywhere I go, just in case a once in a lifetime shot pops up in seconds (I've only had one so far in all my life, and didn't even have a camera in those pre cell phone days).

So what do you all think? Do you choose your gear for the "mission", base a mission on the type of gear you feel like using, or approach every photo trip like Omaha Beach on D-day - bring anything that will shoot?

Curious as to how other users of multiple formats approach this.

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Cute girl

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Photo Editing Software
Greetings! I have been reading and learning from this site for six or seven months but have not posted any questions talk now. I have read with interest the several posts on light room , Photoshop and others. My question is have any of you tried or use ACdsee? It comes in a basic and intermediate and professional? Versions. Some of the online comments compare it to light room and has favorable comments. Just wondered if any of you have tried the free trial or use this software. If so, what do you think of it?
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Some photos of a Lily....
...from our communal garden where i live in StHelens England and me trying to be artistic.
My artistic attempt


Just a dark vignette.

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Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker
This plane is from the 54th Air Refueling Squadron out of Altus AFB, Oklahoma.

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After morning showers
Hibiscus loving the rain.

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Male & Female Monarchs....
emerged this morning with one more to go, most likely tomorrow.... plus I now again have many eggs and little ones that seem to be healthy and hope I can get them to this point where they can all spread their wings!!

cell shots
male.... you can see the underside of his scent glands through his wings

perfect female

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Sony RX10M4 Innovation or Irritation?
So Ive had the RX10M4 for just over a week. I bought it for overall image quality without the need to change lenses and it seems to deliver on that.
Like others I have found the menu to be cumbersome with far too many options which will not affect the quality of my photos in the slightest and most of them have been switched off.
The My Menu is needed to try and bypass all these options and the ability to set the custom buttons is usefull for the same reasons.
My main gripes are that it only takes the slightest touch on the lcd screen...and I mean reset the focus point to somewhere you dont want outside of the area where focus points are active. Usually its the nose (please dont laugh)I may not have the smallest nose on the planet but its hardly in Pinnochio territory! Since the viewfinder cant be extended out Im sure this will be a long term irritation.
The second one is the face recognition which seems to be for people who for some reason are unable to recognize a face and focus on it. If there are 3 faces in the photo then it will lock onto 2 faces and then decide which one it wants to be in focus. That despite ensuring that the focus point was pointing at the face I actually wanted to be in focus. Ive now switched that off too.
I suppose what Im getting at is in my opinion a lot of these features are merely marketing gimmicks rather than being actually of any use.
Are there any users out there who have experienced these issues or is it just me?
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Sausage & Veggie Lunch
Cooking can be so versatile and creative! This is my simple tasty vegtable soup or is it a stew because it has potatoes in it. The noteworthy veggie in this recipe is Napa, Chinese Cabbage. Photo 1 shows my food dish sprinkled with Herb De Provence, Crushed Black Pepper and chopped scullions. Is it vegetable soup or stew if you wish as I do.

This dish contains 2 med Russet potatoes peeled and heavy cut, 9 leafs of Napa Cabbage with green leafs cut off leaving a small amounts of green, 2 celery stocks roughly cut, 2 med carrots peeled and roughly cut, 1 med-lg onion roughly cut, 4 mushrooms cut heavy, 1/2 red pepper cut coarsely.

In photo 3, I saut├ęd 4 Italian Hot sausage on med-hi heat 3-4 minutes each side. In photo 4 I cut all 4 sausages in large rings and added to veggies mixing in.

Photo 5, I added a 8oz can of tomatoe sauce with a can of low sodium beef stock, not the whole can, mixed well and simmered 30 minutes, covered loosely!

These recipes that I prepare are easy, I am no cook in a fine restaurant but it is one of my Loves and enjoyments, so is photography! CIAO, AP





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