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More Photos, More bad Horizon Lines
I am just venting a moment. I recently decided to join some more FaceBook groups based on photography, local scenes, lighthouses.. etc. I know we are all in different phases of learning, but day after day of looking at those crooked horizon lines... grrrrr!
Thanks for tolerating.
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Hummer War
The hummingbirds were intolerant today.

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Veteran Hammers
Those of use who have used hammers over the years know that it takes more than one to get the task done.
We go at ripping and clawing with great vehemence known as going "Hammer & Tongs" for the more
difficult work. But sometimes gentle is also learned by a soft tap lest you damage something that cannot
be replaced. Some of these tools are even made of rubber so as not to leave its impression. Others like
sledge hammers are for breaking concrete or persuading something to go into a different direction.
Many of us learn the hard way that something as simple as driving or removing nails required a box of
Band Aids. What ever the need these are some of my old tools that have stood by me over time and
if it were possible I would regard them as old friends.

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D850 and compatibility with other Nikon/third party lenses
I am "just" thinking about upgrading from D750 to either Z7 or D850 but a little confused about D850's compatibility with the previous Nikon lenses. What they list as "compatible" is not really all of their lenses. Has anyone
gone from D750 to D850 and used their same lenses? I have not settled yet on whether to do the move or not and if I do, which one to go to D850 or Z7. I am sure as the Z series come out in a couple of days, we will hear much more about the camera itself. Have you by any chance tried using Tamaron lenses or third party Fx lenses on the D850? Thank you
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Saturday night at the moon beams... who knows what picture we'll see...
... with apology to, "The Drifters"...

There's no light in the lighthouse... but the moon filled in for awhile

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Retired Tractors
Done a lot of work in their lifetimes, now retired. At the Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum in Vista, CA.

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A busy Bee.
Hand held @ 600mm. Distance was about 6 to 7 feet. Not a Macro shot.

Canon 5Dsr - Canon 300 2.8 II - Canon 2x III - 1/400 - f/6.3 - ISO @ 640.

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Ektachrome TODAY!
Kodak has announced the return of Ektachrome as of TODAY! Available as 135-36 rolls (ISO 100) shipping now, super-8 October 8 and 16-mm later this year. “The Revenge of Analog” is well underway. Notices are all over Twitter and Instagram. All that’s left is 120/220 and (maybe, just maybe) Kodachrome.
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Black Mountain, NC
I have a three day trip planned for October to the Black Mountain, NC area. I would appreciate suggestions on great photo options such as water falls, etc. I will be staying in the Pisgah National Forest. This was a last minute opportunity and now trying to plan photo opportunities.

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Fall Alpenglow, Telluride, CO
Sometimes the light sets up perfectly. A little bit of Alpenglow this fall. Aspens are changing and this weekend should be peak. However, the weather is due for a change which will facilitate a rapid disintegration of the great colors as frost, wind and rain will have their effect.

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