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Round and round and no focus
First, I am new to let.
I have an OM10 and 100-300mm lens.
There is no AF/MANUAL switch on the lens. In the camera I turn off AF and select manual focusing.
Then I turn the focus ring on the lens and just turns and turns and turns......more than 3,060 degrees.
Keep turning, keep turning!, aahhh the moon is gone.
Now how do you focus these things.
And the camera menu has about 5, still counting, manual focus choices, which do not make sense.
Do these little cameras have to be that difficult?
Better off using my cell, just Tap-N-Go.
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An acrobatic roo.
This young roo looks like he is standing on his tail, but I surprised him & he did a little hop in the air--I was just lucky with the timing. This was on a reserve where the roos are fairly tame--you won't get this close to them in the wild. Downloading is recommended.

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reflecting on a youthful delight
we all should have experienced this. not cropped.

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Argentina, Chile and BraZIL
Going to Argentina, Chile and Brazil in September. Wondering what camera and lens I should carry with me. Do I need to have a camera for fast action photography like animals in action? I have Nikon D4 and D810. Appreciate your help.

Vasant Dandekar
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Downloading pics in LR 4
I put my SD card in from my D7100 camera and they download ok, but when I review them half of them look clear and the other half look fuzzy and pixalated.I did this several times with different lenses and the same thing happened. This never happened to me before.What could be the problem,,hope somebody knows out there. Thanks Jim Bianco
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Drystone Walls, St.Catherine’s Church & Scenery, Boot, Cumbria.UK.
Looking back through files I came across our visit to Boot. My sister in law booked a 100 year old farmhouse for the family to spend the weekend to celebrate her 80th birthday. The weather wasn’t too kind the first day, with cloudy skies and rain.

A church has been on the site since the 6th century. St.Catherine’s church dates from the 14th century, with later alterations and additions. It was restored in 1881 by the Lancaster architects Paley and Austin. They reseated the church, increasing its accommodation to 126, and added a vestry, at a cost of £750 (equivalent to £69,000 in 2016).

The next day we visited the Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway Station, a 15” minimum gauge Heritage Railway. Will post these later.

Canon 650D, 18-55 lens.

Please try the downloads.
The Old Farmhouse

Just down the lane

St. Catherine Church

Stepping stones

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The Jeffrey Pine on Sentinel Dome.
When I took this Kodachrome shot, I had no idea that Ansel Adams had made a black and white shot of this tree, 23 years earlier, from a few yards further away and at a slightly different compass heading. You might see a slight similarity between our shots. It is a shame that a drought in the 70's ended the life of this famous tree.

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My first post
My first posting in a forum other than Facebook. All of the pics taken in Puerto Rico

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Yosemite Scenery.
Yosemite just opened for visitors again. I really feel sorry for all the people that made reservations and couldn't see it as it was closed for three weeks due the fires. Not only our own folks but visitors from around the world. Also, it must have been hard for the merchants, restaurants, hotels etc. as this is the time the drive. Thanks to all the fireman that kept the fire away from our jewel.

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Canon lens ID system
Does anyone have the Canon lens naming system for least expensive to most expensive
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