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New England Roadtrip
We’re beginning to think about a nice road trip to new England this fall sometime. All our travels have been west and south, so this is uncharted territory for us. Big cities excluded, what suggestions might anyone have for a nice drive to the area from Indiana and back, especially for some photographic opportunities--landscapes, scenics, human interest, fall colors, etc. Any and all advice will be welcomed.
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Software recommendations gone bad
A short while ago I picked up a recommendation about Luminar as a good post processing software. I checked it out and liked what I saw, so I bit and ordered Luminar 2018 and Aurora 2018 (hdr software) all from Skylum software. Installed and ran great. The selling point was free updates. Well the software asked to download an update and voila, neither install runs now.

The error says I need open gl3.3 or later to run. I have open gl 4.0?

Well I contacted Skylum tech support via email. They sent me an email back listing files and drivers to update which I did. Still doesn’t run. They suggested I buy a different computer ( mine is 3 years old and nothing but this has a problem.

I asked for a refund, and they suggested I use an old copy of their software and forget about upgrades as they apparently don’t plan on changing whatever is causing the problem!

The sad thing is I googled the problem to see if anyone else had my experience. No exaggeration there must be hundreds of people going thru the same experience I’m having with Skylum.

Does anyone have a better suggestion for post processing software, with an easy learning curve like Luminar had?
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Lots of discussion about shooting modes lately....
Lots of it has centered on learning how to shoot manual, or what are the benefits of all the different "shooting modes".

Well to day I found what I think is a great use for the P "program mode" on my Nikon.

My wife and I are going to a big family birthday bash over labor day weekend. She asked if we could use my camera and the cheapo kit lens (18-55) as a sort of community camera, so anyone could feel free to pick it up and take a shot or three.

It will be an outdoor event in a semi-closed area, and also some time on a big pontoon boat. I am not a fan of AUTO simply because I don't like the way the camera uses the "area" focus mode. I don't think this would be the best way to capture images if a true novice picked up the camera and simply pointed and shot. So I got to thinking.

I am going to set this up in a P mode. I am setting the focus to single point, I am setting the ISO to a range between 400 and 3200, and I set the range of shutter speed to between 125 and 1600. I cannot set the aperture, so the only variable that I am leaving to the camera is DOF. For point and shoot that is a small sacrifice if the images are focused, exposed, and composed as the photographer wishes.

The other thing I did was take the BBF off and went back to the standard shutter. The lens is fast enough so I don't think that even telling the true novices about the half press will be that important. I plan on starting the day leaving the camera in continuous mode to take bursts of shots to try to help the novices get some quality among the quantity.

Does anyone have any experience like this or have any thoughts?
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Lonesome Road, Gray Day, Wyoming
Through the windshield of my F 150
Somewhere between Devils Tower and Yellowstone

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All this technology
I have MS Word and it doesn't make me a great writer. I have a high end DSLR too.
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House Sparrows
Never a shortage of sparrows to shoot. Too bad they don't have more color but each one is a little different. At least its practice.

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How do you handle this....
A client wanted a picture for her website. The first shoot was kind of my fault, took her to a college campus on a windy day. None of these pictures were very good. Had a second shoot in her flower shop. I thought we got some great shot of her this time. Well I guess I may have offended her by cleaning up some of her features. ie: whiten teeth, removed moles, smooth some wrinkled skin etc. She told me she liked theses pictures but her collar was too wrinkled. Now I just have not learned how to iron clothes in photoshop. And she told me "she must have needed more help than she thought". So, I did not charge anything and she has the digital photos and can use them if she wants to.

Does everyone else assume the client wants there yellow teeth whiten, moles removed etc. Some clients are just not photogenic, I tried and think this one has bit me!

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The sun's inexorable march to the south.
I've been posting a sunrise shot or two with the RFK bridge over the last 10 days.
This short series shows how rapidly the sun travels during those 10 days.
The last one shows there's a lot of other stuff going on here in NYC, if you just hang out for a while.

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Venice residential canal
This is a photo of neighborhood Venetian canal done using a (modified) Orton technique.
Venetian canal

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Cardinal in backyard.
Waiting his turn at the bird feeder.

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