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My Damsel and a couple of friends
The Damsel was only about 1.5 to 2" with the light coming from the other side of it. Did a lot of work on it.
Only one for today. The other is Wood Duck. I think?


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Want a macro lens for full frame Nikon I have a Nikon 105 but it is not macro trying to decide between Tamron 90 mm macro and sigma 105 macro which is better or do you think there is a better macro out there
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North side takes a road trip
Went up to Volant Pa. about 50 miles north of Pittsburgh to get some country photos something different than my city photos. This was a midday venture not the best of light but you work with what you have. Thanks for viewing saying hello from Pittsburgh.

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Frogs & Toads.
Visitors to my pond.
In ready to leap.

He hasnt moved an inch.

Just sun bathing.

Im a toad, I dont like the water.

Im hungery, wheres the flies?

I ate them all.

Im only worth a dime.

I think Ill hide in that log.

They will never fing me in here..

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Resize photo for passport
Greetings to everyone,
I need your help to resize my photo to the required dimensions of 2"X 2" for the entire photo, while making my head within the photo (top of head to chin) measuring between 1" and 1 3/8". I have Adobe Photo Elements 11. I cropped photo to 2" X 2" and printed it. My problem is my head is larger than 1 3/8". Is there a way to reduce size of my head within the photo and then cropping it? Or is there a way to shoot another image and keep my head within 1" and
1 3/8"? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thank you
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Which One
Of this beauty I found in our back yard today?

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Red Head on Bar
Woodpecker outside of my RV window
setting on a bar.

Nikon D810, Sigma 150-600mm Lens

All C & C greatly appreciated.

Just trying to improve.

Thanks in advance for looking and any reply.
Red-headed Woodpecker

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Making your own PhotoStick to copy All photos on your computers
Trying to find out how to put a copy program on a Stick to find all photos found on your computer (Mac) that automatically searches your computer. I have thousands of photos on my Mac and want to put them in one place on a stick.

All help appreciated.


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Zoom lens for Canon T6i
Interested in a zoom lens [all brands) similar to 18-100/200 mm range
Looked at Tamron but they are for FULL Size sensor only.
Can you make reccomdation.
Would be used for landscape and social gatherings.
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RAW data
I recently bought a Nikon Phototomic F-2 on EBay. Is there a way to set this camera up to transfer the RAW data to my tablet or smartphone? I am a beginner at this and would like to have access to the images from this camera which of course is not digital.
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