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100 million year old Coral
That's only an estimate but even if it is only 10 million years old that is still old!

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These are scans from my very old slides taken in Southern Utah.

This one refused to download.

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Butter and Flower makes a recipe
Captured this today with a bunch of other shots. I don't mind adding this info if I have only one picture unless I can figure out a way to copy all the info at once per picture. 10.7 MB, 6000 x 4000, 1/1250 sec. f/6.3 600mm, ISO 400 and Nikon D3400 with Sigma 150-600mm C.

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Weed (grass) image that I need an ID on
As the title asks, does anyone know what this weed is? I found it in a neighbors lawn...Just got the ID from my local extension agent. It is Green Kyllinga, Shortleaf Spikesedge

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3D - Statue at Capital
You will need a pair of anaglyph glasses to view in 3D.

The birds liked it.

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This is a photography blog...right?
I see allot of great shots posted with absolutely no informative data posted with the shot and ultimately you get people asking what camera, lens, ISO, f-Stop or shutter speed... was used. I get the "Hey everyone look at my picture" mentality but it would be nice if you would also include a little something about how you achieved that awesome result.
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Brooms Head from the air.
DJI Phantom 4 Pro.

I have taken about 60 drone pics of Brooms Head in the last year. These three all feature the shallow water from an extremely low tide. Downloading is recommended.

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Children in the Park
I love this shot of children playing among the autumn leaves in the park. I have no idea who these children are, snapping the photo while looking for white-tailed kites in the surrounding trees.

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Young Red Shouldered Hawk learning to fly
We awoke to find this little fella standing on our rear deck just outside the bedroom window. He showed no nervousness or fear as we moved about the room and I set up my 150-600mm zoom to capture this rare opportunity. These shots were taken over a period of about three hours. During this period I changed my location to view him from the exterior, and soon after I did, he took his first flight, landing on my rooftop. And then, after his last leap to freedom he was not seen again. His parent, seen in the last two images, perched high above atop an old dead tree, watched his progress and then called and called for him to return. He never did.

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Caught Fishing
Went tarpon fishing in San JuanPR caught this frigate bird trying to eat our baits
please enjoy the set

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