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Sony FF EVF and Apsc lenses
When using a Sony E mount apsc lens on a Sony FF camera, what do you see in the EVF? Im trying to understand will the EVF have blacked out portion or does it compensate and still have full view?

I hope this question makes sense to another Sony user
Thank you in advance
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Lightroom to Facebook publishing service
It seems like there is no longer a Lightroom to Facebook publishing service. What are people using to get around this ? I don't want to have to export and upload manually.
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Machu Pichuu
I will be going to Machu Pichuu next year and will be limited to 11 pounds when I take the bus to Machu Pichuu. I will be 72 when I go and not very steady holding my camera. Should I try to take a tripod of some type or just increase the shutter speed? I hate to increase the ISO and lose detail. Has anyone made a visit under similar cercumstances and can make recommendations? Later going to Galapagos.
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PSE 14 Not enough memory ram
Hello, A little help please. After my computer did a windows 10 upgrade I can not longer use PSE 14 as I keep getting error msgs such as not enough ram to complete task. Can someone tell me what happen and how to correct the issue
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Summer Splash 2
Comments Welcomed!



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Infrared ......
Shot these this past weekend around noontime......I used my old Canon 20D that I had converted to IR and used a Tokina 16 mm to 24mm lense.....

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Breakfast Time
Saw this herd on morning bicycle ride.

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Continuing Series on the Yellow-crowned night heron (2)
Continuing series: 2

Yellow-crowned night heron - juvenile (Nyctanassa violacea)
W. Kentucky, USA - 8/13/2018
1/250 sec - f/9.0 - ISO 640

Interesting Tidbit: When not foraging, adults slowly walk through shallow waters of wetlands,
coastal thickets and swamps, rarely entering deep waters. Preening is common and is an
important behavior for these birds. Adults preen both themselves and each other, especially
after foraging. The birds’ foraging behavior is based around a slow, stalking movement as they
search in the shallow water for prey. When they find a prey item, they strike quickly, crushing
it in their wide, stout beak. ~Animalia~
Yellow-crowned night heron - juvenile

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GBH & Painted Turtles
Baby turtles are on the menu for the Heron but these have nothing to fear.

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Kauai Sites
Shots from the amazingly beautiful Garden Isle last week
Kayaks on the Wailua River

Wailua Falls

Waimea Canyon “Grand Canyon of the Pacific”

Poipu Beach

Kilauea Lighthouse

Coffee Beans at Kauai Coffee Company

Na’ Pali Coast 1

Na’ Pali Coast 2

Kauaian Sunset. Aloha !!

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