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We had rain and heavy low clouds overnight. contributing to a later
than normal sunrise. Those conditions did not seem to bother the two
Cottonmouths I found swimming in a creek.

Cottonmouth - venomous (Agkistrodon piscivorus)
W. Kentucky, USA - 8/20/2018
1/200 sec - f/8.0 - ISO 1000



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Seven Selfies
With Cadillac and Deardorff.

Yeah, its old stuff scanned, and its not even color. Because why not.

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1950 Western Boat Building Co.
"Mail Order Bride", a 17 ft. Fairliner Deluxe Torpedo, with 150 hp Gray Fireball engine.

This is one of the most beautifully designed boats I've ever seen. A true work of art.

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Getting closer to God
Or an attempt to out smart Mother Nature.
I don't know when this church was built but it has had at least two additions and been flooded three times in the last ten years. The flooding is caused due to new levees and loss of flood plains down stream.

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My neighbors and some weeds
The horse and mule are the last of the residence of what is left of my pasture, after an attempt to help a guy out. He over grazed the pasture to the point where I doubt if it will ever recover. It took a letter from my attorney to get him to remove the cattle,after he removed the cattle I gave him thirty days to get the horse, jack and mule out, 90 days passed and the are still here. Called him last night told him I had called the SPCA about them, the are almost out of water due to the lack of rain, now its wait and see.
The "weeds" were taken in my yard and at the nature reserve.

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and I only had to take the owner on a fishing trip and buy the beer to take the shots

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Auto focus trouble with 18-400mm lens
My Tamron 18-400mm lens, which I have used for about a year just started a problem with auto focus. MF still works, but at 400mm the AF will not work unless I start at around 100mm, focus and then zoom out to 400mm, focusing as I zoom out. But, once focused and I turn to a new subject, will not AF, and I have to either must go to MF or zoom back to 100mm and start the process over. Have used 2 different camera bodies and cleaned all contacts. Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem or a similar one. Thanks for any comments.
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Lightroom cc classic not syncing with lightroom mobile
Hello dear Hedgehoggers
It is while now that my Lightroom cc classic is not syncing with Lightroom mobile, I have tried creating a new Catalogue even reinstalling Lightroom. I also called their customer service line multiple time which just gave me head ache and frustration.

So I was wondering if any of you had this issue or can direct me toward a solution.
As always I am thankful for your advice.
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Bucket List
I have been pining for a decent picture of a hummer and purchased all types of flowers, bushes etc., to attract them, but to no avail. This weekend, while trying to capture a lonely monarch, fluttering around on a butterfly bush, I managed to capture these. I share these shots and my joy! Downloading is a must, to see the real beauty. Happy camper in Philly!

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Life through my kitchen window.
A couple with the Canon SX50, and the rest with the Nikon P900.

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