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The Lockheed C-5 Galaxy
2018 Great New England Airshow

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Stock Photo Keywording
All stock photos have to be keyworded, alas! I've used a program called Keyword Perfect for years that's very helpful in that it can be programmed to provide KW's in the right formats for Alamy, Getty or just the usual Photoshop "File Info" box. Also, although I've yet to try it, it can work directly with Lightroom. On the other hand, the proverbial learning curve is quite steep and there are some parts I've never understood. My question: has anyone else used Keyword Perfect? I'd enjoy swapping stories. Second question: What other keywording programs have any of you tried? Like being a freelance photographer, no two people do it the same way but without keywords, stock doesn't sell. Admittedly, it's about as exciting as doing the laundry and I can't do more than a dozen at a time before my brain starts turning into Wonder Bread. I'm thinking some dialogue might makes the task a little more pleasant. Even after something like 50,000 stock photos the end will never be in sight. Oh and while I'm on the subject, what's a good manual for Lightroom? I suppose I should give it a try.
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Mother & baby
Well, in this case 2 or 3 and possibly 4. Maybe she was the babysitter....
I just could not get enough of her and the little ones!
Best in download.






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Horsing around!
My eldest granddaughter entered a horse show in Northeast PA. She took second place in her division.

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A few more cars to bring back some memories
A few more cars to enjoy looking at.

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First day out;
First day of shooting with my new Tamron 150-600mm lens

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Walking my dog
I was walking through the neighborhood yesterday and found this. I apologize for the poor quality all I had was my cell phone but the subject was so good I just had to try. The subject is a Desert Spiny Lizard.

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St. Petersburg,
Watching the finals today of World Football made me think of this shot from Passenger Port Marine Facade. The wide angle shot shows on the left what will be the tallest building in Europe, New Gazprom Tower as well as the new soccer Stadium, Zenit Arena. I also noticed three fences of barb wire around our port, not sure if that was to keep us in or keep people out.

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Owl from Zanjero Park. Captured back in 2014. This was when I had my 100mm-400mm IS USM lens on my Canon body.

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I'm Just Playing Around Here, but...
Hello everyone. I sent this picture in once before, but this time I have darkened the colors a little bit and played around with split toning and other things, and in the second, I created a monochrome, which I like, but the ducks seem to fade into the water a little too much... At any rate, any comments or feedback would be greatly appreciated. Ironically, the more I learn, the more I realize I don't know Jack Didley, not personally anyway, and some of you out there have been at this much longer than I have. So any comments or feedback would be welcome.

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