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Crescent Moon
My first go at a Crescent Moon. Canon 18-200mm, f/11, 125th, ISO 3200. Processed with Aftershot Pro 3 and cropped with Windows 10.

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Young Wood Duck
working on his colors.

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Tamron Lens Repair
I have a Tamron 28-300mm f/3.5-6.3 lens, Canon mount for full frame dslr (model A010). I bought it 4 years ago as a good, all purpose, walk around lens. I haven't used it much, but I took it out last week to play with it and found that the AF was malfunctioning. I contacted Tamron and sent it back to them, still on warranty. I packed it and took it to a UPS store last Thursday. Paid about $30 between shipping, insurance and requiring my signature upon return delivery to me. They said it would arrive at Tamron the next day. I didn't expect to get it back for at least a couple of weeks. I got a call from FedEx last night that the lens would be delivered to me today. Very quick turn around! They received it on Fri., I assume they don't work on the weekend, repaired the lens and had it shipped out on Tues. for delivery to me today. Here's what they did. Adjust AF system- repaired AF mechanism- disassembled and cleaned entire lense- complete overhaul- tightened loose parts- replaced missing parts. Impressive repair turn around time.

This lens had very little use and not a scratch on it. Like new, but I didn't use it much because I didn't like the results I got from it. Parts missing?! Not from the exterior of the lens. I wonder if the lens was defective from the factory? I will take it for a spin tomorrow to see how it works. Perhaps I’ll like it better. I'll let you know what I find.
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Used a Smoke Machine
Used a smoke machine for this shot and a motion blur layer in PS.

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Very intense...
glare. This intense look never ceases to impress me.

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Today is "Julia Child's Birthday"
Today the French Chef Julia Child would of been 106. I was on assignment for Boston Today Magazine September 1978. These photographs were made in their home not the Channel 2 studio.

Photo 1 Julia's adding bread crumbs on the chicken chunks and mixed well all over then sautéed in a chafing dish while adding previous sautéed mushrooms to chicken with a dash of heavy cream chicken stock and tarragon.

Needs a little thickening she said, a blend of cornstarch and white wine will do it! A wonderful tasting lunch to prepare with a side of tomatoe, lettice, and cucumbers the freshest ever and cold too!

After all these years I still have not tried making this awesome dish. You can bet this will added to my dinner list. Julia placed the food on warm dishes from the oven.

It was quite an eventful experience eating in the Julia Child's kitchen sourounded by all those hanging copper pans and facing her large heavy black stove again filled and shelved all over with her loved kitchen tools and utensils.

Photo 3 Julia serving Paul, he's wearing his loved cameo ring that was mentioned in the movie "Julia and Julia" staring Meryl Streep. Of course I did not know this at the time of my assignment. I can see an important capture is made.

Photo 5 I asked Julia to stand at the fireplace with Paul and his glass of wine. Look at Julia looking at him. Also, Paul painted the painting above the fireplace.

This assignment was made September 1978 I was 30 yrs. Photo notes: Of course this is film, digital not available no auto cameras & auto focus lenses. Not 35mm either but Kodak 120mm TMAX 400 ASA roll film.

All photos made with HASSELBLAD 500c and 80 f2.8 mm, 50mm f4 w/a lenses. Two strobe set-up off camera with I designed. No studio lights with stands or assistance were used. I mounted a Matadore 400 200w/s strobe on a Hasselblad bracket with a compact Vivtar 283 strobe for flash fill w/ele eye.

Matadore 200 w/s was tilted straight up to bounce off ceiling and Vivitar was set to fill. I just walked around and snapped away! When Julia's husband Paul died, a friend called me to say she saw a short story in the NY TIMES, no story at all in the Boston newspapers!

I was touched by this news and sent Julia Child photo 3, Julia serving Paul. I printed a 8x10 mounted and framed with a two page letter. She wrote back! I was thrilled . . . that's another story. I'm impressed, a renowned personality chef wrote me. CIAO, AP





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Day of the Dragon
Dragons feeding and just being dragonflies.

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Nikon d 3200 disappointing
I have taken 35 millimeter photographs since 1968 shooting mostly Kodachrome and fujichrome slides. About 6 years ago I decided to make the switch to digital . I have regretted it since. I originally bought a Canon Rebel which serviced fairly well a point and shoot. as my focus was elsewhere I wasn't real serious just recording events. Somebody liked my Canon more than I did or it grew legs and walked off so I decided I would replace it with something more serious that I could manipulate the camera and the images. After talking to my camera guy he assured me the Nikon D 3200 would fit the bill so I bought one. to say I was disappointed is being mild. I have had the camera for 3 years now and I think that I'm fairly familiar with the menu and the manipulation of the lenses and the camera. I will start this conversation with the focus of the camera. I shoot Birds and I shoot macro mostly flowers so I set the camera up with fairly small f stops and slow shutter speeds and shoot with a tripod and electronic release. I used live Focus and zoom in on my focus point. on my screen it looks sharp. the finished image looks more like a cloudy piece of mud no matter what I do with the image I have tried different computers to see if the screens were the problem and the images are just not Sharp. the stamen in the flowers are not Sharp.. I focus on the bird's eye and the eye is fairly sharp although it looks dull but when looking at the head there is no definite definition to the feathers. the overall effect of the picture is like I'm shooting through a mild fog. I have thought for a while now that my camera guy was BSing me and the Nikon D 3200 is nothing more than a glorified point and shoot. I have thought about buying a new camera but as I'm retired on it fixed budget I'm leery to do that so I would like to get a little input as to things to try or to scrap the camera thank you
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I think that the bees are more active now that summer is winding down, at least the seemed that way today.

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I now have a Nikon 7200 with a flash (which is at the office). Question is can I use one of these new flashes on a analog Pentax P30t Cameras?
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