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Jun 22, 2018 16:05:18   #
I buy most of my photography equipment from B&H Photo, where I can generally get free shipping, based on the amount I spend, and no Sales Tax. Stores in California charge you Sales Tax, usually from 8-10%, depending on your County. So, a camera costing you $1000 will actually cost you about $1100, including tax. There is a section in the California State Income Tax Form, where you are to report your purchases from buying online. Unless you kept track of every purchase made, you could accurately figure your Tax. Many reported it and many did not. Once, this Supreme Court Decision is fully enacted, online sellers will have you to choose what State you are from, to determine how much State Tax should be paid. Most likely, if you are from a State with no State Sales Tax. Well, you are lucky. California loves all kinds of additional Taxes. It comes with living here.
Jun 21, 2018 11:07:46   #
The Supreme Court Ruled 5-4 today that States that have Sales Tax, can force you to pay Sales Tax on online purchases. Some States already have this requirement. Colorado is one. Actually, you should already be paying this, when you file you State Income Tax. Sometimes guessing. States had been complaining that online purchases were robbing them of billions of dollars in tax revenues. Now, the Supreme Court has taken action in behalf of the States. More information:
Jun 21, 2018 05:45:56   #
A Nikon Bridge camera vs one of Nikon's best crop sensor cameras? While there are some fantastic Bridge cameras, such as the Sony RX10 series. But, putting a P900 up against a Nikon D7200 is no comparison to me. Just on the sensor size alone, 24 megapixels. And the P900 shoots JPEG only. Advantage, D7200.
Jun 15, 2018 10:07:45   #
hassighedgehog wrote:
This is the USS Iowa, also could be made battle ready. It is in San Pedro, CA. part of LA Harbor.

The USS Iowa was America's largest Battleship during World War 2. So impressive, that it made the front cover of Life Magazine on October 30, 1944. The surrender was aboard the USS Missouri, early September 1945, lead by 5 Star Army General, Douglas MacArthur. It has been rumored that ship was chosen, because it was the home State of President Harry S. Truman. Who was President for less than six months then.
Jun 13, 2018 16:40:55   #
You could call Adorama Photo Customer Service at 1-800-815-0702 and ask about the price difference. Perhaps they are unaware of Nikon's price? Nikon usually sets prices where vendors can't sell for less than Nikon's firm set prices.
Jun 12, 2018 09:41:29   #
I had read about this Carrier during the time the USS Gerald R. Ford was under completion. Both of these Aircraft Carriers are well advanced compared to the previous generations. The HMS Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier is beautiful. President Trump will see that Carrier during his UK visit next month.
Jun 11, 2018 23:06:08   #
Wagnerian1 wrote:
after months of researching i finally purchased a refurbished canon T7i. having not had a slr for a long time, i am shooting in automatic. my problem is, sitting on my patio taking the exact same picture with the new camera and my sony bridge camera, i find the quality of the bridge camera to be much better. it's not that i'm screwing up the settings because its in auto. i am frustrated!! also while shooting with the flash, when holding shutter half way down there is a crackling hissing sound. i dont think i heard it the first day i was using it. it worries me because the sound is kind of like something shorting out. any thoughts???? try not to be overly sardonic,sarcastic, demeaning etc.
after months of researching i finally purchased a ... (show quote)

The Canon T7i is one of Canon's best Rebel Series crop sensor cameras. It sounds like you didn't purchase it from Canon USA Refurbished cameras. I'm curious as to where you purchased it from. Regardless, send it back.
Jun 11, 2018 09:56:14   #
Sad, I loved the Fleetwood Mac group. It looks like the longest living guitarist will probably be Keith Richards. Who many say should have died a long time ago. Even Keith said it. RIP Danny.
Jun 10, 2018 08:14:34   #
The one food Anthony Bourdain would not eat was Commercial Airlines Food. He said he would always arrive at his destination hungry, even if the flight was 16+ hours. He said that in 2016. CNN, his employer, has done a magnificent job in paying homage to his legacy. I watched 3 previous episodes the cable network showed last night. Two of which I had not seen. The Japan visit was the one I had seen. Enjoyed it again.
Jun 9, 2018 15:36:40   #
DebAnn wrote:
Accolades from all over the world have followed his death. So sad. You just never know what demons are hiding in people's brains.

Bourdain showed us the world beyond most of our reach. He even returned to some cities to show us what advancements they made from his first visit. And he sought out individuals he met during his first visit. Being from NYC, he was the city's icon. The foods he ate were incredible looking. And some not so incredible looking. That's what made it so interesting to me. To see the cuisines of the world.
Jun 9, 2018 11:18:19   #
I have the Nikon AF-P 18-55mm that has VR. I personally don't think it is necessary to have VR on a lens having a focal length up to 70mm. Film cameras lenses didn't have any VR at all, and photographers took great photos. I do believe lenses that have a focal length up to 300mm and over does have an advantage of having VR though.
Jun 9, 2018 10:12:52   #
agillot wrote:
apparently , according to the gendarmes , he hung himself in is hotel room bathroom with his bathrobe belt .he was treated for depression .he will be missed , has a 12 ? year old daughter . that is going to be hard for her at that age . great guy .

CNN never gave the details of suicide when first reported. I changed the word had to has, in regards to his daughter. I believe there was mention of her being 11 years old. I'm wondering if the Berlin, Germany episode will Air tomorrow night. He always gave historical mention of all the places he visited. Berlin, Germany certainly has a history. Especially during and after WW2.
Jun 9, 2018 09:21:25   #
Anthony Bourdain was a recovered heroin addict from the 1980s. He mentioned that once on one of his past shows. I wonder if some inner pain was still left from that experience. Kate Spade, a noted fashion designer of women's hand bags and purses, was another strange suicide shocker. Both had jobs that were lucrative. But, that's not always a solution to depression or happiness. Anthony has a young daughter. She has to wonder. Why?
Jun 9, 2018 08:13:17   #
JGW30033 wrote:
I know we all use UPS and Fed-Ex a lot and wanted to pass on my experience

I had a package coming from Nikon USA via UPS. It was not marked signature required. I have "My Choice" so I tracked the truck all day as it drove past the entrance to my community at least 8 times. About 3:30 I got the "Getting Close" notification, so I went to the living room next to the front door. At 4:00 pm, I got pinged that the package had been delivered, but no picture attached. A moment later I heard the truck drive by without slowing down. I opened the door and there was nothing. Luckily I live in a townhome community with one way in and one way out. I walked to the outbound side and waited. I heard the truck stop and start a few times and stood in the road so he would have to stop when he got to me. I asked him about the package for my address. He just looked at me and reached across to the passenger side under the dashboard and pulled out my box. I asked him why he tagged it delivered when it wasn't. He said he could not find my unit number (all the houses have numbers prominently above the front doors). I asked him why he couldn't find mine when I heard at least 4 stops that he seemed to have found. He just hit the gas and left. My thought is he saw Nikon and figured he could get some free stuff, not knowing I was the rare person that was home and waiting.

Maybe not all porch thieves are out looking for opportunity, sometimes they might drive the truck.

I know we all use UPS and Fed-Ex a lot and wanted ... (show quote)

That is really sad to hear, because in the my community, we have thieves who follow UPS trucks during the Christmas Holidays. They steal after the package(s) have been placed on the front porch. I knew one UPS driver who was fired for drug use. Most are honest. When your UPS driver marked your package as delivered, I believe his intention was to keep it for himself.
Jun 8, 2018 09:25:02   #
CNN's Anthony Bourdain has died in Strasbourg, France. He was a noted American Chef from NYC, skilled in the martial arts, and had a personality that many were attracted to. I've watched his show "Parts Unknown" with much enthusiasm. He was one of a kind. I can still remember some of his quotes on places he visited. He said the greatest food was in San Sebastian. He loved war torn Beirut, and Hong Kong was a favorite city of his. The video of his shows were excellent, showing how inhabitants deal with everyday life, both rich and poor. And mentioning the City's history. If you were a still photographer, you would have loved to travel with Anthony Bourdain. RIP Anthony. You will be hard to replace. His next show was to take place in Berlin. I don't know if CNN will televise it. Suicide is reported as cause of death.
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