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Mar 5, 2017 17:52:41   #
colo43 wrote:
i am not buying his story either. The changing of the EXIF was enough to tell me he was not sincere.
Plus the fact that the water mark was removed..
Honest people don't do things like this.

i sincerely wish he would drop out and give us all piece of mind that he won't be going this to others in our group.


I am probably fighting a loosing battle here but if you knew me you would know for certain that I have no idea how to go about removing anyone's EXIF Data or watermark for that matter. SO much of what I do in those programs is usually supervised by my daughter or best friend.

As it is now I apologize as much as can. I am truly as sorry and as humiliated as I can be.

I will wait until everyone gets a chance to respond in whatever way they want and then I will leave the group. I hope that helps.
Mar 5, 2017 17:32:15   #
To everybody concerned it turns out I am going to have to beg forgiveness on this issue. I talked to my daughter about this and she pointed out that the picture I took had only one deer in it. Wherever I originally got this photo it was very dark and I raised the exposure in Elements. At the time I didn't remember the second deer either but I just assumed that it was under-exposed enough for me not to realize it. I argued about that as well but it was game over when she pointed out that the cat in the picture is not Charlie. It looks like Charlie but his left leg had white sock and this cat has an all white left leg. She also pointed out that our windows seals were never white originally but I don't know that for sure. It's a log and stone home so it seems likely she is right. She's a photographer and I am am sure she sees the details better than me.

I don't know if anyone will believe me but one thing I will say for sure is that I never made this mistake willfully. Though I've damaged my reputation here I'd like to stay as a member of this group but if others disagree I will gladly leave.

Other than that whoever knows her tell Marlynn I apologize and will do it personally by phone or email. Tell her also that her picture is lovely.
Mar 5, 2017 17:01:22   #
Peterff wrote:
There are only two parties to this current discussion, and only one can legitimately own the copyright. So far the preponderance of evidence suggests that the legitimacy is on Marilyn's side not yours. Now we can't be completely sure about that unless a formal investigation is done which would be expensive for all involved, but so far she seems to have a better set of evidence on her side. Who knows, perhaps she is some kind of super villain that can fake evidence, but so far I wouldn't bet upon your side for a whole bunch of reasons more substantial than you have presented so far. They are just unsupported claims.

Find and post your full resolution original with full Exif information for a start. Post other contemporary images of your property and cat. Preferably a sequence leading up to the final image. You should also be able to state exactly what equipment was used to take the photo and the precise time and data of its creation.

The questions you are asking in some of your recent threads imply a novice level of ability, not intermediate, which is inconsistent with the images you are posting and claiming as your own.

Perhaps you may have a future as a politician, or some kind of fashion sense that thinks orange really is the new black...

If you really think that you are being maligned inappropriately then the onus is now upon you to demonstrate your innocence, or at least a position to defend.
There are only two parties to this current discuss... (show quote)

Man, I don't know how I went form being a hobby photographer to the scourge of UHH but everything I've said and posted is true. As I stated at the beginning of this thread I might be up to the level of an advanced intermediate photographer but nothing more. I am glad that others seem to have a more favorable opinion of my photographs than I do but it doesn't change anything about my skill level. I have a friend who does some professional photography that is much better than me and I have two even better than that.

I am looking for more proof that that is my picture but I was just upstairs going through our family pictures and I haven't found it. We have thousands and thousands of pictures from everyone in the family so going through them one at a time is a daunting task.

As it is this photograph is 15 years old. The room we were in was dark and I crawled into my bedroom to get a camera and then crawled on my belly back into the living room and took the shot. There are no others. This as it. However, if she has them I'll assume that I accidentally saved the picture and years later didn't realize it. However, I edited this picture (actually my daughter did) and the original was very dark. I don't know why anyone would have ever posted the original online. Long before I got interested in photography I started saving pictures by others that I liked on my computer so it's possible that I got them mixed up but that doesn't seem likely. I remember everything about this shot. I was so worried that the deer would see me and run away.

If somebody knows Marilyn please ask her if she will post any pictures she has form this shot that are before and after. If it turns out that it is her picture I will gladly apologize and take down that picture.

I found my picture of Charlie the Cat but it is stuck in a photo album. As soon as I can figure out how to get it unstuck without tearing it up I will post it.
Mar 5, 2017 15:19:15   #
bkellyusa wrote:
That's the window this was shot in. The split window and the porch have been replaced but that is my cat, those are my tress, my backyard and the partial fence you see in that picture has been replaced but it is still there. Look to the left and you see that the construction is still going on.

I also am the one who edited this picture. As I've said before it taken on a point and shoot years ago and the picture was too dark. I probably edited it Elements and when I downloaded my pictures I unfortunately didn't save the original although it is probably packed away somewhere. I am going to look got it. I am pissed that someone stole my picture and I am now being accused of stealing it back from the thief.
Mar 5, 2017 15:14:53   #
That's the window this was shot in. The split window and the porch have been replaced but that is my cat, those are my tress, my backyard and the partial fence you see in that picture has been replaced but it is still there. Look to the left and you see that the construction is still going on.

Mar 5, 2017 15:00:05   #
tdekany wrote:
I posted a screen shot for you - that is how you post an image

Where do I find the screen shoot.
Mar 5, 2017 14:58:36   #
Somebody got name fro who is claiming that photograph as there's. I'll put up money if they can prove it.
Mar 5, 2017 14:56:09   #
Erv wrote:
Wow!! We give you all this help and you are taking others picture and telling us you took them!!! I have no works that I would like to call you right now!!!

You are jumping the gun buddy. That is my photograph and I can prove it. Not only is that my picture taken in my home but that is my cat.
Mar 5, 2017 14:38:15   #
This is crazy. That is absolutely my photograph. Anybody who says it's their's is lying. All my family and friends know it's mine. My youngest daughter was there when I took it. It was taken 15 years ago in the house I still live in. That's, my cat Charlie. He's dead now so I am going to look for a picture that proves it. In fact I probably have the original picture somewhere

I just took a picture of that window but I don't know how to post it here. Somebody clue me in.

I've posted that in my Photos section on my Facebook page in the past so I only assume it was taken from there.
Mar 5, 2017 14:04:27   #


Oh wow! I just looked through your links and saw my picture posted on the last to website. One is funny something and the and the other is Dumpaday. I am shocked! There si no doubt that that is my photo. I still live in the home it was taken in years ago on a cheap point and shoot. I already contacted the first one but I don't know what I should do. I don't mind them posting it but I would like to be given credit for it.
Mar 5, 2017 13:42:23   #
blackest wrote:
Ok here's a question for you. Which of those photographs have you taken and which are ripped off from other photographers, such as the cat with the deer for example?

Why would you ask a question like that?

That cat I absolutely did myself with a cheap point and shoot years ago and long before my interest in photography. It was taken at my
house. We still have that window and deck as seen in the photograph.

That site was not started as a way of promoting my own photography but more of a personal site. It was never really intended to display my best work but only entertain my family and friends who already know the background story on those photos. As a result there are two pictures on there that are collaborations. One is the picture of my son-in-law with our grandson. My daughter who is a professional photographer took the original shot. Our family liked it but it didn't stand out to anyone but me so I cropped it, did all of the post processing and added the "posterized" effect. It was done before I was really into photography so I took it to someone I knew who had a Photoshop program and told them what I wanted. They did the work. Now, both my wife and I and our daughter have that picture framed and hanging in our homes.

The other collaboration is the neon-ized photo taken at the New Orleans Mardi Gras Museum. I took the picture and my daughter showed me the neon effect. while teaching me to use my new Photoshop program.

You had me worried so I've looked at all of those pictures again. I've saved pictures on my computer for years that were a collection of my own photographs a others that I liked by other photographers so it would be possible that I mistakenly used someone else's photo but these are all personal photographs taken around my home or in the area where I live or during my wife and I's long motorcycle trips.

If you don't mind my asking what made you think I had ripped any of these off? As it is I am a little shy abut posting my pictures anyway and posting someone's pictures and claiming they are mine is really out of the question.
Mar 5, 2017 00:09:32   #

I've got one question. What exactly is the "normal focal length?"
Mar 4, 2017 23:54:14   #
PalePictures wrote:
If you go to viewbug.
Look at the badges,
To find the best of the best on Viewbug.
Look for Viewbug Endorsed and Viewbug Editor.
You will notice that they(those photographers) specialize in one area.

Go to a photographers profile and select the about to look at badges.
Those badges will be first.
They are very hard to get.
an image example
example of kenvin's badges

I signed up on viewbug jsut like you suggested. Thanks for yur help.
His entire portfolio
If you go to viewbug. br Look at the badges, br To... (show quote)
Mar 4, 2017 23:42:07   #
gessman wrote:
Brian, I'm not on either of those sites. I'm just an old hobbyist duffer who enjoys the chase of trying to catch things we don't often see a lot of so my images, compared to yours, and current day trends, are unfinished and not worthy of competing or trying to sell. I just do it for my enjoyment and to keep me active and limber and let it go at that. Please feel free to put me on your buddy list if you choose but I may go a long time not saying anything - I take it in spurts. This forum is addictive and not a very good way to spend your time if you're very ambitious. The more time you spend here the less time you have for other things that will further your interests much more. PalePictures might be able to suggest ways you can better spend your time than getting bogged down in this forum.
Brian, I'm not on either of those sites. I'm just... (show quote)

We are booth running on the same track. I am retired. I am not looking to get involved in anything other than my family, friends, music and photography. Don't worry about me getting to involved I am sort of allergic to the internet. Last night, out of respect and appreciation for their efforts, I tried to respond to as many people as possible on this thread. It ate up a lot of time. I cannot afford to spend too much time on the internet.

I already joined viewbug. I loved all of the pictures on their.

PalePictures comments were meaningful to me. I put him on my Buddies List as well.

Thanks again.

Thanks for your help
Mar 4, 2017 22:19:05   #
gessman wrote:
I had a look at your images on Flickr and I like what you're doing a lot and while I'm in no moral authoritative position to anything beyond my opinion, I think you have something good in what you're doing overall and I would just encourage you to keep going in the direction you're headed and do more because in so doing you will broaden your vision and more fully develop what you want to say with your photography. While this craft is a largely solitary endeavor, I would suggest that you begin to put your work out there, if you haven't, where you can submit it to public opinion as in some online competition sites like and see how your work is accepted. I'll leave it to you to "google" up others. If you haven't, go to and browse through looking at a lot of different photographers and their work, a group that, with exceptions, are arguably many of the elite advapix and viewbug. Tnced photographers online, perhaps among the most trendy and openly competitive group.

Don't hesitate to look at some of the people in 500pix as potential mentors and contact them if you find some you admire and seek out some objective opinions and possibly some pointers. All they can say is no and you might find yourself in a position to wave at them in passing later on, something that's always a morale booster. You might even think of putting up a site on 500pix and see if you can generate some sales. I think that most people online who want to buy photographic art frequent 500pix. They have a great program. They do some marketing, take orders, produce prints, deliver, collect, take a cut, and pay you, taking a huge workload off your back, freeing you to produce more product. At the very least, by opening your inventory to the public you will begin to get a feel for how it's being accepted.
I had a look at your images on Flickr and I like w... (show quote)

"Thank You" for your thoughts and the suggestions you made. I appreciate your detailed responses. Thanks for taking your time to respond.

You are the second person to recommend 500pix and viewbug. I've already looked at 500pix and plan to sign up tonight. Viewbug is totally new to me. I am going to look into it tooight.

Are you on either of those sites. If you are let me know how I find you.

I am going to put you on my Buddy List if that is OK with you. I'd like to make an effort to keep up with what you are posting.

Thanks again. Brian
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