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Jan 20, 2018 14:46:22   #
flashbang wrote:
I just discovered (painfully!) that my Nikon COOLSCAN V ED scanner, the really expensive one with all the bells and whistles (and expensive accessories) no longer works with the latest version of Windows on my PC. This seems to have happened after Windows latest 'update' was automatically installed.

To add insult, the good folks at Nikon want nothing to do with me – or rather, nothing to do with this scanner. Several calls to Nikon Customer Service and the best I got was:“We no longer support it!”

The scanner still is in fine working condition, except we (ie: PC, me and it) are no longer communicating. Tried removing and re-installing the original program disc that came with it. Nada.

Seems like there should be an easy 'fix' out there.

Any suggestions?
I just discovered (painfully!) that my Nikon COOLS... (show quote)

VueScan runs that scanner much much better than Nikon's software did, in my view.
Dec 25, 2017 12:30:13   #
GalaxyCat wrote:
I would do it, once!

Somehow I thought you would!

Sep 17, 2017 12:58:59   #
scheline wrote:
Perhaps a bit off-topic (the photo and post-processing issues have been expertly addressed), but I am immediately and negatively impacted by the relative positions of the couple: The gentleman should always walk to the street side of the lady. Sorry for this curmudgeonly interlude; now back to the photography discussion.

EXACTLY! I didn't know what it was that bothered me, but that's it! Thank you.
Aug 20, 2017 10:58:47   #
StaneeRae wrote:
Cool animation with timeline. Just tap the blue box & enter your Zip Code.

Jun 22, 2017 21:40:17   #
The newer Vivitar's work well on my D800 and have TTL capabilities.
May 14, 2017 19:16:34   #
frankie c wrote:
Take a different class. A one time experience shooting film Is not going to teach you much. Having knowledge of how silver halide works for capture and the process might add something your understanding of image creation but really not much. The rules for camera capture have not changed much only the media. Also, past experience in with reputable photo/lab courses, generally the school provides the camera/film etc. so that all students are on the same page. Chances are pretty good that most people are not gonna go back to film. Although nice to know (you can read a book). Understanding the film process is more complex than processing and printing one roll of film. Put your time and MONEY learning in the place your going to be with your photography. You would be better off learning how a sensor works. Learn about RGB you can read about CMYK. Sorry to be so NETATIVE :( just sayin :)
Take a different class. A one time experience shoo... (show quote)

Amen! I did wet darkroom for 50 plus years. I see nothing there to add to digital photography.
May 8, 2017 15:50:38   #
Apaflo wrote:
Learn to use the technology! A 3 or 4 shot burst in high speed continuous mode guarantees the ability to produce a photograph with no blinkers etc., chimping does not! Trying to review each member of even small groups is a waste of time, and not easy anyway. It is an exceedingly unprofessional use of chimping!

Granted that this is actually a professional technique though, because it really needs lighting that can fire at the same intensity and color multiple times in one second. Multiple high power studio strobes make it easy, and anything less is a potential failure or excessive work.
Learn to use the technology! A 3 or 4 shot burst i... (show quote)

May 1, 2017 14:54:29   #
Apr 30, 2017 16:36:58   #
tgreenhaw wrote:
Beautiful shot. Thanks for posting. I'm inspired to try this.

I'm surprised you don't have star trails with a 20 second exposure.

The windmill held still too!
Apr 30, 2017 16:23:49   #
LittleRiver wrote:
I so enjoy watching and photographing all the birds that visit my backyard.

And we could enjoy them more if we could download them!
Apr 27, 2017 17:15:13   #
CPR wrote:
The illustration earlier is widely used but BUT!! it's only valid if you use the same lens for the three cameras. If the full-frame example is shot with a 35mm lens then you can get the same photo with a 52mm lens on a Nikon crop-sensor camera or a 56mm lens on a Canon crop-sensor.

Apr 24, 2017 16:54:34   #
tkphelps wrote:
I have used VueScan from the start. It worked fine until a few months ago then stopped communicating. Changed cables, changed computers. Nothing recognizes the scanner although USBview does recognize that something is plugged in. I believe the scanner is dead. I was looking for repair possibilities.

There is a repair facility for Coolscans advertised on eBay. Just search eBay for Nikon Coolscan and you will find it.
Apr 24, 2017 10:23:13   #
tkphelps wrote:
Anyone have any help repairing a Coolscan 5000. It doesn't communicate on the USB any more, and no one seems willing to take it on.

If Windows 10, try Viewscan.
Apr 23, 2017 14:55:32   #
ricardo7 wrote:
Honestly, bracketing is a waste of time and card space. You have all the information on your display to determine
whether or not you got your exposure correct on the first shot.

I think bracketing is for HDR processing, not to nail the exposure.
Apr 6, 2017 11:27:25   #
TomV wrote:
I agree. I have a similar setup (Minolta 600mm, Sony a99ii and matching 1.4 TC) and at that distance things are not as sharp as when I shoot a subject from 150' away. You need to increase your shutter speed substantially for that setup as well to give yourself a fighting chance. In your photos of the deer you cannot get too much better resolution with the conditions you have. The grasses are slim and any wind movement will cause detail loss. You certainly are too far away for any fur detail. The DOF at that distance is in the order of 10s of yards.

I would try using the same setup and testing at different distances. This will give you an idea of how your photos degrade with distance.
There is also a loss in resolution when using a full-frame lens on a cropped sensor camera.
I agree. I have a similar setup (Minolta 600mm, So... (show quote)

Huh? Loss of resolution using a full frame lens?
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