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Jun 12, 2017 14:26:50   #
I really like dealing with Photo Connection in Colchester CT. It is run by a couple that have a passion for photography and love to share their knowledge. Prices are fair and they have answered any question I have ever thrown at them.
RKL349 wrote:
Connecticut is a relatively small state and we have two stores that are locally owned. Camera Bar in Hartford has been there over 45 years and Milford Photo in Milford. I have dealt with Camera Bar and they are fair and knowledgeable. I have not dealt with Milford Photo as of yet.
Dec 30, 2016 20:49:30   #
If you are putting it on a disc you may want to considerr purchasing a Blu Ray disc burner. The pictures come out sharper on these discs. You may also want to consider putting the slideshow on a flash drive. I use Pro Show and the pictures are quite sharp, no matter the display size.
travelpals wrote:
I have three different slideshow programs, Movavi Slideshow creator, ProShow Producer and Adobe Elements 10. Each time
I create a slideshow with any of the programs, the images in the slideshow are not as sharp as they are in the program. I
can copy the slideshow to vimeo on the internet and the come out nice and sharp. In contacting the program makers, they
say it is because way the programs burn the slideshow to the disk. Does anyone use a program that produces the final
burned slideshow nice and sharp?????
I have three different slideshow programs, Movavi ... (show quote)
Nov 25, 2016 08:57:46   #
In southeast CT there is Photo Connection. I drive 45 minutes each way just to deal with them. Very knowledgeable, friendly and patient.
Nov 10, 2016 11:45:40   #
I am 6'2" and use the Feisol CT-3471. With the camera and a battery pack I have never had to stoop and there is some extra height left over. There is no column and the unit is extremely strong and durable. Check out what Gene51 has had to say about leg thickness and size in previous posts. Good Luck.
boomer826 wrote:
I am looking for a tall , heavy duty tripod. I am 6'3" tall and I get tired of stopping over my tripod. I want one that is very sturdy also. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated from the great folks at the hog.
Sep 4, 2016 12:23:23   #
We did Chicago to Oklahoma City this year and plan to pick up from there next year. There are different eras of Rte 66, so you really should do some research online. There are multiple books available that will give you turn by turn directions also. There still exists some 85 - 90% of the original road from some era. You may find yourself on the designated route from 1926-1930 and then other roads were built for 1930-1950 and so on. It really depends on what interests you. There are abandoned businesses, refurbished businesses, and all types of touristy things to see. There were turkey tracks from 1926 still visible in the cement in southern Illinois, 1920's style gas stations, museums and unique buildings. The people along this route were wonderful and extremely helpful. Research as much as you can to get the best trip that suits your style and tastes.
ricardo7 wrote:
I will be taking a photo road trip along Route 66 from Santa Monica to Chicago in a couple of weeks. For those that have alread done this what were your favorite photo ops?
Aug 7, 2016 16:59:28   #
It certainly depends on personal preference. I didn't buy my camera because it had this feature, but I found that we can have some fun with it. We have made a few videos of ourselves to send to our young grandchildren. I have started using the feature to make short (1 to 4 minute) videos to share of my travels with my high school students that don't have many opportunities to travel. Always looking for reasons to inspire them in different ways. I bought a wireless mic and that was all i needed to turn out good quality material. It can be fun if you are willing to step outside of your safe zone and try something different.
philo wrote:
I for one never have used the video feature of my Canon 5d 11. I just wonder how many of us use the video and how many don't? If you do use the video feature is this the reason you would upgrade to a new model?
Jun 8, 2016 09:50:03   #
You might want to check out Meat Cove on the northern tip. Great views. We even watched humpback whales feeding from the cliff tops.
mffox wrote:
My wife and I will be traveling to Nova Scotia next month. Does anyone have any favorite photo op sites or undiscovered, out-of-the-way gems? Also: is Prince Edward Island worth extending the trip? We'd love to hear about your experiences. Thanks.
Jun 8, 2016 08:04:36   #
I use Proshow and I create a folder with the photos and the music for a particular slideshow only. It is then available to find when a new show is created. When you create the show you simply open the folder that holds your photos and they are all sitting right there. You then simply pull them down into your show.
Walwyn Martin wrote:
I have downloaded Windows 10 and everything works EXCEPT: I use ProShow Gold to produce slide shows. I moved images to ProShow ,by drag and drop or Copy and paste. These methods work in moving images from one folder to another but not to ProShow. Photodex has told me that the problem lies with Windows.Any suggestions? Thanx.
Apr 28, 2016 10:57:46   #
Sorry to tell you that we shut down our land line three years ago but still get these calls on our mobile phones.
BobHartung wrote:
This scam has been around for several years. It should be widely known, but I still hear of people falling for it.

I'm afraid my language to them is not politically correct.

This sort of stuff, along with the credit card help calls, are why we are going to turn off our land line next month.
Apr 17, 2016 07:32:18   #
I have the Feisol 3472 and I love it. You may want to do a site search for Gene51, he does a great job of researching and explaining what you want for a tripod and why.
LTCGuy wrote:
In the $400-$500 price range (Thinking Feisol CT-3441T for carbon fiber & Sirui W-2004 for aluminum as examples), what are the pros/cons of both materials?
1. Weight: I get this.
2. Cost: I get this.
3. Vibrations: Some say carbon fiber does a better job of dampening "bad vibrations". Others say this is not significant.
4. Durability: Is carbon fiber more likely to be functionally damaged during airline & in-the-field travel than aluminum?
5. Anything else that should be considered?
I value the opinions of Ugly Hedgehoggers...other than those who put down questioners for asking questions.
In the $400-$500 price range (Thinking Feisol CT-3... (show quote)
Mar 22, 2016 11:17:30   #
Don't have any advice on programs but I would recommend you get a burner with Blu-ray capabilities. It will make a difference in both video and slide shows.
jvangorp wrote:
I am currently looking at purchasing a program to make videos out of all the pictures I take for sports and for graduation videos. I have a MAC computer...OS X Yosemite ..10.10.5 version..3.2 Ghz Intel Core I5...
Would love some feed back on both. I 've looked at Roxio and they have a program for Mac computers it's called Toast 14 Titanium..ALso need to purchase a DVD burner to copy DVD's on. Would also appreciate suggestions on this as well. Thanks, in advance!
Feb 25, 2016 14:15:22   #
I like this one. It is pretty simple.
Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite 12

windshoppe wrote:
I don't do a lot of video, but have recently begun using a quad copter for aerial photography. I have Lightroom and Photoshop 5, but don't have a good standalone program for video editing. I'm wondering if anyone might have suggestions for software that I could use to do some basic editing without a steep learning curve.
Feb 18, 2016 20:43:26   #
You want bears? We never saw anything like Brooks Falls at Katmai NP when the salmon were running. We had fifteen brown bears at the falls at the same time.
mrt6800 wrote:
Looks like I will not be heading back out on Safari in Africa this year but instead putting together a trip to Alaska. I have never been there and want to make the most of the opportunities to photography wildlife and great scenery. I'm planning on about 3 weeks of travel time. For years I've watch many documentaries on TV and now would like to hear from those of you who have inside information. Will probably be traveling end of July through August. Thanks
Jan 29, 2016 11:59:06   #
What exactly were you looking for that these pictures were missing?
kenpic wrote:
I appreciate very much everyone's suggestions, all were helpful. I will try to post a couple of the shots. I pretty much will continue using my 70-200, but wanted to see what the 50 will do. Will keep the lens but won't use it for sports much.
Jan 28, 2016 11:09:14   #
I respectfully disagree. I was using this lens with a D300 in poorly lit high school gyms. I was able to set it at 1.8 and then adjust my shutter speed and ISO for great results. It does, however, depend on where you are setting up for the shoot. I was close to the baseline and halfway between the basket and sideline. It allowed me to set a faster shutter speed and really freeze the action. If shooting from the stands the lens would not produce the same results.
Canonman333 wrote:
What you are experiencing is related to your camera settings. Why did you buy the 50mm lens? Test it's ability by using it for the intended purpose. The other lenses you have are good sport lenses. A 50mm is very limited in that regard.
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