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May 25, 2018 15:24:00   #
Photogirl17 wrote:
Golden Opportunities Photography during
The Golden Hours.

"Hour" is figurative here. The golden hour refers to the period just after sunrise or just before sunset, and its length depends on where you are, what time of year it is, and the weather conditions. Also, while the terms are nearly synonymous, golden hour actually has a definition based on the measurable angle of the sun to the horizon it's a special time for photography. But why, exactly?
Light. Light is the most important photographic element. The light just after sunrise and just before sunset is unlike any other light and it can't be replicated, no matter how hard you try (well, you could cheat if you have photo-editing software, but it doesn't beat the real thing or feel as rewarding). There are a few things about this kind of light that make it unique and beloved.
Remember, golden hour is not sunset or sunrise, but shortly before and after those times when your subject still has direct light falling on it. The magical golden light will transform your photos from ordinary to extraordinary. It's all about the light!

Lets see you've got, I'm sure they're all Gorgeous.
And thank you in advance for participating in the
Golden Opportunities Challenge..

I'll start off with a few of Mine..
Golden Opportunities Photography during br The Go... (show quote)

Thanks for hosting Photogirl, Great opening set

Love the last one
May 25, 2018 15:10:51   #
3 Tulips very much alive for a change

Worked many different ways, Sorry

Forgot to chart the steps





May 25, 2018 15:06:48   #
Dying Tulip just will not lie down
What's the hurry

May 25, 2018 15:04:37   #
William wrote:
but the patio is my domain

The Mississippi heat should be driving you outside

For evening patio works Bill
May 25, 2018 15:02:40   #
Rolk wrote:
I think we need to break "100!"

P 100 Got to see the progression Rolk

Last work floats my boat

Now we know what to do with all those empty churches

Turn them into Abstracts
May 25, 2018 14:59:57   #
William wrote:
100 is here, happy, happy 100

P 100 Flower Art, would love to see this hung on a wall Bill

Needs to be seen by the masses
May 25, 2018 14:58:01   #
William wrote:
now concur

P99 Chrome bling, real steel
May 25, 2018 14:55:55   #
William wrote:
when we reflect on our past
there's history shared wher
never before in human hist
ory could it happen to be e
veryday occur to seem nor
mal to become friends UH
H has changed but we are
much the same in ideas

P99 Color blending is first class

Working to Cubism suits this work so well Bill
May 25, 2018 14:53:13   #
William wrote:
the angle of the dangle
is the square of it's roo

P 99 She seems to be Fully Focused Bill
May 25, 2018 14:51:04   #
William wrote:
easier to post work than explain it

P99 Haha first quick look i see a pair of legs

Like none i have ever seen before

And as legs don't wish to see again

But as dried flowers well thats a different story
May 25, 2018 14:48:47   #
William wrote:
subject is one thing what you do is
the rub and found my subject in th
e everyday detail most often over-
look by most as of interest (trade)
(marked) is a big word to define))
you should know how I think subj
ect (etc.)

P 99 Yes Bill, subject matter is under everbody's noses
But missed so often by the majority

Unique piece of BillArt here
May 25, 2018 14:43:20   #
William wrote:
looks like a big river over the pond
ever caught a fish or make a wish
they flow South in Mississippi to the Gulf
of Mexico City ... West of Cuba (vacation)

Made a wish still waiting a reply haha
May 23, 2018 03:14:25   #
William wrote:
getting there takes a lifetime
what's left of the space/time
with a lens depends on effort
ideas come and go so acting)
on ideas will come and go to

P99 Hardware is part of your trademark

And sets you aside from the others

Always good to view what you Abstract

From it
May 23, 2018 03:12:50   #
William wrote:
why we meet has become more than its sum
the work generated by our contact (library))
has changed my life/work (for/shore) thanks
your friend, Bill

May 23, 2018 03:10:29   #
William wrote:
don't quit you're day/dream/job

P21 Sound advice Bill

Loving this piece of Art my friend
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