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Nov 23, 2017 11:12:37   #
Architect1776 wrote:

Obummer was in no way the first "Black" president. White mother and black father makes him half and half. So why is he identified as black and not white. He is white as much as black. Yes he hates who he is and his wife even more so is racist to the core.

I was told that Clinton was the first ... hmmm
Nov 23, 2017 09:32:32   #
KGOldWolf wrote:
Lol - good one bear!

how about “come hull or high water”

Yeah that works too. But if your hull is compromised, it doesn't matter how high the water is.
And that reminds me that I have to clean mine and throw a cover over it.
Nov 23, 2017 09:23:33   #
I would recommend finding a dealer that takes trades. Unfortunately mine went out of business, but not before he offered me a 5D III that he had just taken in with a 24-105 f/4 IS lens which I got both for less than the original price of a 6D body.
When I checked the shutter count, I was surprised that it was less than 200.

And I love the idea of the dual drives which is one of the many reasons why I chose it over the 6D.
Nov 23, 2017 09:12:06   #
ken hubert wrote:
No we are not. Yours has a leak!

Hull no .. or no hull ??
Nov 23, 2017 09:10:01   #
Shutterbugsailer wrote:
Oh, for the good old days. When days were old, and knights were bold, and toilets weren't invented ; they'd dig a pit and take a shit, then walk away contented.🐵

Ohh Yeahhh .. Almost forgot about the occupiers !!
Nov 23, 2017 09:05:23   #
Reddog wrote:
The Truth hurts sometimes LOL

That's why you all squawk when you're hit with it.
Nov 23, 2017 09:02:52   #
drainbamage wrote:
Just hoping for a little peace this Thanksgiving?

Grab a piece of turkey for yourself and enjoy being with your family !!
Nov 22, 2017 20:55:12   #
SharpShooter wrote:
1, not yet.
With that many attempts, it's probably a matter of time.

2, when you get raped, you probably got grabbed.

It's to bad you see yourself so religiously righteous and you're such a sympathizer!
If he did it, then you should be looking for angles to nail that SOB so that he can be ruined for ever, not reasons the girls are somehow wrong.
If he did NOT due it, then nothing will ever be found and it will go away.
The way to have avoided any and all accusations was to NEVER have had a minor girl in his car at all, ever! He should have called them a cab, it's NOT like he didn't have the money, but we ALL know why he didn't.
There is never a good time to break an arm, to get sick, have a car accident or to be accused! Sorry

Defend that kind of slime and you ARE THE SLIME!!!
1, not yet. br With that many attempts, it's proba... (show quote)

You should know about slime, you swamp vermin.
Nov 22, 2017 20:44:56   #
WNYShooter wrote:
An extremely successful and wealthy 45 year old rapper, like him or not.

Not very successful at getting Trumps attention tho 'eh.
Nov 22, 2017 20:17:09   #
They know what they want.

They want everything given to them and someone else to pay just as Bernie describes it to them.
Nov 22, 2017 19:54:46   #
dirtpusher wrote:
Well we are witnessing what repukes plans are for the working man with repukes tax plan.

Can you explain why you prefer using low life name calling. as to explain why the name calling. Or are you boys really are. Trump's pround low educated?

You resemble that remark 'eh.
Nov 22, 2017 19:19:36   #
dirtpusher wrote:

Here comes the Hillary polls. Lol

Maybe they will consider you for one of their very late term abortions.
Nov 22, 2017 18:39:44   #
dirtpusher wrote:
Well what is a sexual encounter then.

It's what happens when a goat meets up with the likes of you.

Poor goat never saw it coming ..
Nov 22, 2017 18:33:31   #
Texcaster wrote:
"Folks are dumb where I come from
They ain't had any learnin'
Still they're happy as can be
Doin' what comes naturally" - Irving Berlin

I already knew that about you.
But thanks for confirming !!
Nov 22, 2017 18:20:41   #
Texcaster wrote:
Just so you know Judge, bringing forward sexual assault charges has never been an advancement path for women. In fact, exactly the opposite happens.

How many charges did you file to find that out ??
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