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Jul 25, 2017 22:37:18   #
boberic wrote:
Yes but the prosecutors never even got a choice to determine if there ws a case against hillary. The case was ended by comey who exceded his aithority by not allowing the case to goto thgose prosecotors. As far as trump is concerned, to date there is no evedence that he comitted any crime, but there is an independant counsel looking under every rock. Even if he finds nothing the trump haters still will talk constantly about russia.

Comey was in a hard spot. He knew that even if he had sent the case to the AG, it would have been buried for who knows how long. And being an open case nobody would have been able to say anything to the public about it. So the only way he could expose her to the public was the way he did.
Jul 25, 2017 21:26:51   #
GeorgeH wrote:
Certainly you should be familiar with assdom....

I deal with so many here.
Jul 25, 2017 20:58:27   #
Texcaster wrote:
You just lost any puffed up credibility as a Constitutional Bear Scholar you imagine you might have had. So sad when an expert folds.

I didn't fold. I don't mind answering real questions, but I don't waste my time when someone wants to be an ass.
Jul 25, 2017 20:13:33   #
Harvey wrote:
This is a question that seems to be bothering every one out side the Sennett and congress - I remember them saying"we have to pass this to know what is in it" the law and rules say they have to read it before voting on it - what good are rules if they don't follow them - screw the deadlines if we are going to get screwed by pushing this stuff through without proper consideration by knowing the context of it.

That is just the beginning of the story that has us really pissed. Hence the term 'Drain the swamp'.
It's way past time to clean house. Maybe by the time we're through there, the senate will get the idea to self eradicate the vermin.
Jul 25, 2017 19:31:11   #
Los-Angeles-Shooter wrote:

Yep ... Definitely risky.
Jul 25, 2017 17:28:18   #
GeorgeH wrote:
So......The slaves should never have been emancipated? The freedmen should never have been given the vote? Women should never have been given the vote? Alcoholic beverages should never have been forbidden? Alcoholic beverages, once banned, should never have been allowed? All these changes are because a need was recognized, and the Constitution was amended. Do remember that our beloved Bill of Rights was not originally in the Constitution. Would you discard it? We have twenty-seven amendments, many of which passed because people didn't like what the original document said, or because needs were recognized which hadn't been addressed in the original.
So......The slaves should never have been emancipa... (show quote)

Give it a rest old man. If you have a real question, I may entertain it.
Otherwise, don't bother me with stuffed arguments.
Jul 25, 2017 17:18:42   #
GeorgeH wrote:
Why shouldn't we make use of good ideas from other countries? What does our Constitution have to do with our healthcare delivery system?

Apparently you don't pay much attention to what you don't care about.
Most of my posts explain what the Constitution has to do with it.
Go read them, then read the Constitution for yourself.
Jul 25, 2017 16:53:43   #
dljen wrote:
Who do you think you are to tell someone to move? You're nothing but a johnny come lately to this religion bs and like most of them, you're adamant about everything bible thumping.

The only thing I am adamant about is defending the Constitution that keeps this country intact, and telling those who don't like it they are free to find another country that you would feel more comfortable in.
Jul 25, 2017 15:44:54   #
DaveO wrote:
The poor horse is almost dead...

Yet it keeps asking questions ...
Jul 25, 2017 15:36:20   #
thom w wrote:
Do you drive a car? Apparently you use a computer. The world has changed. If the constitution had been treated like you think it should from it's beginning, it could still be treated that way, but it would be much longer and complicated that it now is. I'm not saying you shouldn't lobby for what you think is right. I'm just saying that many people don't agree with you. Probably more than do agree with you, so unless you can make a case that you are being harmed things are unlikely to go your way. Even some of the things you want that might be good can't be realized without a lot of harm being done.
Do you drive a car? Apparently you use a computer.... (show quote)

I don't think you understand the concept of what the Constitution is.

The Constitution is our nation's law book. It cares not what people want or how they want it. It states specifically what is expected of people and how things are to be done. It doesn't change because people don't like what it says.
It is the law.
Jul 25, 2017 15:10:01   #
thom w wrote:
Your posts sound as though you believe you represent a majority point of view. I don't believe you do.

I represent those who like things the way they were originally designed.
Jul 25, 2017 15:08:33   #
pounder35 wrote:
They could have left with Rosie OD but the planes have weight limits. Rosie alone needs a military transport. Wait a minute. I'm pretty sure she never left. Another lying lib.
They could have left with Rosie OD but the planes ... (show quote)

When they find out just how good the other countries are, they aren't in such a hurry to leave.
Our goal is to keep them from Massing up what is supposed to be protected.
Jul 25, 2017 14:47:09   #
soba1 wrote:
I remember when I was in college.
There was a guy in a wheel chair, and he was sucked looked like a skeleton.
He was a Vietnam Nam vet, he wore orange Van tennis shoes and on the back of his
wheel chair he had a sign posted agent orange.
I had a neighbor who was in Nam he told me stories about his time in the Marines.
He told me his friend I would see occasionally how he had what they called jungle rot.
Maybe that's why I have a lil more love for Vietnam guys because of the shit u went through.
There is this guy I work with and a guy in his crew was a Vietnam Vet special forces.
He is a big fat ass now, my buddy made a comment about him.
I laughed and said close range I bet he would still whup your ass and mine too.
I remember when I was in college. br There was a g... (show quote)

We have several in my American Legion Post who you can tell are having a miserable time getting by, but you will hear none of them complain. And they will be the first there if you need anything.
Jul 25, 2017 14:41:37   #
GeorgeH wrote:
Sam Brownback the governor of Kansas consulted with Laffer of the famous curve and cut taxes, turning a comfortable surplus into a large deficit. The Legislature raised taxes to fund little things like schools, etc. Brownback vetoed the bill, the Legislature overruled his veto! An interesting experiment in trickle down economics, also known as supply side economics.

Your comment has nothing to do with my statement.
Jul 25, 2017 14:39:16   #
GeorgeH wrote:
True, we have great healthcare, but our delivery system is abysmal. We spend far more per capita than any other industrialized country, yet our outcomes are much poorer. T R Reid in his book The Healing of America personally experiences the health care systems of several countries. An interesting read.

Here's a link to per capita spending, outcomes, and much more. Hint: The US doesn't fare well by comparison.

Why can't the US do as well as France, for instance?

And the question remains: the Republicans had over SEVEN years to develop a thorough, coherent healthcare delivery system, and they are still trying to do so. Just possibly Republicans AND Democrats could cooperate to REPAIR the ACA?????????? Or are Republicans fixated on scoring points rather than serving ALL the people?
True, we have great healthcare, but our delivery s... (show quote)

Why is it that you liberals keep comparing this country with others ??
This country is not like any other. We have our own Constitution that has outlasted any other form of government.

If you all want what the others have so badly, by all means use the freedom you have and MOVE YOUR ASS THERE and leave the rest of us the hell alone !!
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