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A Guide to the Basics of Photography
A Guide to the Basics of Photography

Photography can be as easy as aim and shoot or as complicated as you make it. With that in mind this is an attempt to help you through the basics of photography. The following have been selected for their knowledge, simplicity and because they are free.

> The Ultimate Guide to Learning how to use Your first DSLR

> A Beginner’s Guide To Digital Photography

>> UglyHedgehog’s MWAC’s Rockin' What You Got Lessons
Lesson 1 - Aperture 101!
Lesson 2 - Shutter speed and ISO
Lesson 3 - Topic Deleted
Lesson 4 - Topic Deleted
Lesson 5 – Final

>> UglyHedgehog’s sportyman140’s ROCK ON PHOTOS EDU Lessons
Lesson 1 - Exposure Triangle
Lesson 2 - White Balance

>> UglyHedgehog’s GrahamS
Aperture Priority - A Beginners Guide

>> Lifehacker has a Night School for photography and many other subjects
- Basics of Photography: The Complete Guide
- Part I: Understanding How Your Digital Camera Works
- Part II: Your Camera's Automatic and Assisted Settings
- Part III: Your Camera's Manual Settings
- Part IV: Composition and Technique
- Part V: Editing Images in Post
- All of these lessons in a printable PDF
- and Additional Resources...

>> Canon EOS 101: Photography and Videography Basics

>> Digital Photography School includes;
- Most Recent, Most Popular, For Beginners, Composition Tips, How to Photograph

>> Cambridge in Color includes;
- Concepts & Terminology, Camera Equipment, Photo Editing & Post-Processing, Photography Techniques & Styles

>> Picture Correct has a great collection

>> Lightism is an easy to use site to include:
Lessons 1-5; Fill The Frame, Perspective, Composition, See Light, Understanding Light
Lessons 6-10; Control Light, Add Light, Get Creative, Share & Have Fun, Practice Makes Perfect

>> Exposure Guide is a huge resource
Photography Basics; Camera Basics, Camera Lens Guide, Flash Basics, Camera Accessories, and Maintenance
Photography Tips; Portrait, Animal, Nature, Close-up, Night, Event, Sports, Travel, Summer, Holiday, Top 10 Photography Tips

>> Photography 101 includes;
- Photography Basics, Photography Tips and Tricks, Photography Tutorials

>> has a huge Learning resource
>> Tutorial 9 includes;
Photography Basics
Photography Tutorials

>> Penn State Edu. has interactive tutorials to include;
- Depth of Field, Focal Length, White Balance, Shutter Speed, Exposure, ISO

>> Easy Basic Photography includes;
- Tutorials and Articles, Quick Tips

>> Similaar has Basic Photography Tutorials and more

>> Improve Photography includes:
- Beginner, Portrait, Flash Photography, Podcasts, Landscapes

>> Ultimate Photo Guide includes;
- Videos and Articles

>> Free Camera Tutorials includes;
- It’s all about the light, Basics of Aperture and Shutter Speed, Apertures and Depth of Field, Shutter Speed, Motion

>> One Slide Photography includes;
- Articles, Beginner’s Guide to Photography, Photography Tips & Tutorials, Photography Videos

>> Free Digital Photography Tutorials
- Beginner Tutorials, Advanced Tutorials, Inspiration, Equipment and Gear

>> Luminous Landscapes is a huge resource to include:
- Techniques, Tutorials, Understanding Series

>> Photo Tuts+ includes;
- Tutorials, Articles, Tips, Sessions, Resources, Videos

>> Photography Blogger includes;
- Features, Videos, Tips, Time-Lapses

>> Ultimate Photo Guide includes;
- Videos; Tips & Techniques, Lighting & Exposure, Post Production, Shooting Creatively, Camera Settings, Gear
- Tutorials; Tips & Techniques, Events & Travel Tips, Lighting Techniques, Post Processing

>> Photography Courses has videos to include:
- Camera Controls, Exposure, Camera Lenses, Image Sharpness, Composition, Lighting, Flash Photography,
Photo Editing, Filters, Tips & Techniques, Features and Interviews and Camera Reviews and Tips
- Also includes Photography DVDs and eCourses & Workshops

>> Photography Talk includes;
- What is Photography?, How to Photography, Car Photography Tips, Wedding Photography Tips, Slanted Lens Lighting, High Speed Photography

>> Photo Plus includes;
- D-SLR Photos Skills, Landscapes, Wildlife, Action, Portraits, Nude, Weddings, Black & White

>> The Digital Photography Connection for quick tips

>> Shutterbug includes;
- Pro category, Darkroom Digital, Portraiture, Sports/Action, Lighting, Outdoor/Travel, Wildlife
>> Geoff Lawrence free tutorials include;
- Equipment, Basics, Composition, Exposure, Lighting, Color, Subjects, Editing, Videos, Other Pages and Top Ten Photography Tips

>> includes;
- Types of Photography, Equipment, Basic Concepts, History, Color & Light, Digital Photography, Taking Photos, Techniques

>> Digital-Photo Secrets has great tips

>> DIY Photography is another great resource to include:
- Lighting; Lights, Modifiers, On Location, Tips
- Home Studio; Backdrops, Lights, PVC Studio, Support Systems, Hacks&Mods
- Inspiration; Cheat Sheets, Photos, Projects, Tips, Tutorials, Software
- Techniques; High Speed, Light Painting, Pinhole, Time Lapse, Macro
- Camera Hacks; Filters, Travel, Tripods, Lenses, Photobooth, Video

>> Beyond Megapixels
- select from the Categories dropdown on the left

>> DigitalRev is always funny and informative:
- Opinions, DigitalRev TV, Help & Tips, Hands-on Reviews, Blog, Featured Photographers

>> Photo Naturalist to include;
- Landscape, Wildlife, Flowers, Macro and more

>> Kelby Training offers quick tips

>> B&H offers in-depth video trainings

>> FroKnowsPhoto is an interesting and insightful video site

>> Larry’s Cheap Shots offers quick and simple videos


>> 121 Clicks collects tutorials from other sites

>> CameraSim has interactive simulators to include;
- DSLR Camera Simulator, The DSLR Camera Explained, Focus, Frame & Shoot!

>> Manufacturer DSLR Learning Centers
- Canon Digital Learning Center
- Nikon Learn & Explore
- Olympus Learn Center
- Panasonic Digital Camera Know-Hows
- Sony Tips and Tricks

>> Still have questions?
- ask on UglyHedgehog
- search YouTube
- search YouTube Edu.
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