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Your Favorite Animal Portrait..
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Oct 8, 2011 13:23:49   #
Do you have a favorite animal or pet portrait ??

Feel free to share and tell us about it..

Oct 8, 2011 13:45:06   #
I have the same pet as you. Hundreds of them in fact. I had never seen one until our last trip to Yellowstone. They had the right of way. My Avatar picture was taken in the front yard of our cabin.
They had the right-of-way
They had the right-of-way...
Checking out the car
Checking out the car...
Birds getting a free ride
Birds getting a free ride...
Oct 8, 2011 14:02:56   #
"Packy" the elephant won me a photo of the week award on the internet's toughest forum. It's one of the few photos I've ever taken that I had to do nothing to right out of the camera.

"Packy" Portland, OR Zoo
"Packy" Portland, OR Zoo...
Oct 8, 2011 14:07:53   #
I love this elephant photo, it's just amazing.
Oct 8, 2011 14:12:40   #
i think this is my favorite animal "portrait"...

Oct 8, 2011 14:18:26   #
It was hard to get this one to hold the pose...
Oct 8, 2011 14:45:16   #
Birds in Mexico XCARET

Oct 8, 2011 14:56:01   #
f/5.6 1/125 ISO160
f/5.6 1/125 ISO160...
Oct 8, 2011 15:17:24   #
Fantistic look on the elephant especially with no afterwork!!!!!
Oct 8, 2011 15:19:42   #
My dog Coco..................

Oct 8, 2011 15:19:45   #
Garth was out with me while I was tending the garden one day so I quickly grabbed the camera. I was so lucky to have gotten the chance to take this picture. He passed away a couple of years ago but I have this to always remember him by.
Garth in the Tulips
Garth in the Tulips...
Oct 8, 2011 16:22:35   #
Here are mine!

Oct 8, 2011 16:31:05   #
Love the look on the face of the kitten in the boot---my favorite. Glad to see a fellow Mn here.........
Oct 8, 2011 18:04:09   #
Some Great looking Animal Portraits out there.. :thumbup:
Oct 8, 2011 18:49:23   #
Mom is on the far left. The black one is from her second litter. The two to the right was from her 1st litter. Whenever some one came to the front door the 4 of them raced to the window to see who was coming.

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