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The more I look at it the madder I get...
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Jan 11, 2017 13:37:41   #
What is SOOC?
Jan 11, 2017 13:51:39   #
Mark W
Some people like a car painted with a 4 inch roller and a can of latex. Others prefer 15 coats of sprayed high gloss lacquer. Some people can't see the difference.
Rongnongno wrote:
My first raw shooting started in 2008. It became systematic in 2011.


I lost three years!!!
My first raw shooting started in 2008. It became ... (show quote)
Jan 11, 2017 13:52:07   #
photodoc16 wrote:
What is SOOC?

(Straight Out Of a camera)
Jan 11, 2017 14:24:51   #
RAW is the answer. Memory is cheap!
Jan 11, 2017 15:08:46   #
I started in jpeg and then quickly moved to RAW. It isn't time consuming when using LR. a couple of clicks and a camera calibration makes it all seamless! However, for photos requiring ANY PP, RAW is the only way to go.
Jan 11, 2017 15:16:33   #
pithydoug wrote:
Going back to jpeg would be like going back to no indoor plumbing.

I'll have to remember that. Great analogy Doug.
Jan 11, 2017 15:45:12   #
JCam wrote:
Not really, the input is the same; the only difference is the amount of time you dedicate to getting the usable product. Is it waste or a photographic "marvel"? I find that it takes me about twice as much time processing a given shot from RAW vs. "fixing" any faults in JPEG shots, and in the end, I don't usually see much difference in the results. I'll admit my old less critical eyes and attitude may account for some of my JPEG preference. I'm not a Professional, and am retired, but why should I spend even more time on the computer for comparable outputs?

A survey to know what percentage of UHH shoots in RAW only, RAW+ JPEG, or JPEG only and how much time is invested in their final GOOD photos. The ones discarded, even after processing, don't count; junk in-junk out. Unfortunately, a survey wouldn't work as typically only the really dedicated usually reply, and I suspect the greatest proportion of UHH'ers consider photography to be a hobby.
Not really, the input is the same; the only differ... (show quote)

I dont find it takes any more time to work with a raw than a jpg file. With time a wash, I'll take 14 bits vs 8 any day. And the fact that I don't have to mess with WB and jpg, and risk missing a shot while I'm flipping dials playing WB. If your always shooing in a studio where you control every facet of light then fine. Try a music concert where lights change from second to second, and your WB will be bizarre. Getting it right in the camera under all lighting conditions just does not match reality, unless you want to risk missing an actively changing scene.
Jan 11, 2017 18:20:38   #
I am interested in how to save as TIFF files in camera. Is this a setting that is possible with a Canon 60D?
Jan 11, 2017 18:35:11   #
cochese wrote:
I am interested in how to save as TIFF files in camera. Is this a setting that is possible with a Canon 60D?

Check your manual.
Jan 11, 2017 18:51:00   #
When I got my first DSLR I shot in JPG auto for about a month. Then started photography classes. The instructor said you would fail if you shot in JPG auto. So that took care of that . IM also learning if your shooting for stock sites only and nothing more, JPG AUTO saves a lot of work and time and get accepted as easily as RAW Manual edited shots.
Jan 11, 2017 19:24:39   #
via the lens (a regular here)
Kuzano wrote:
Interesting. I first started shooting RAW in 2005. I discovered the wasted time in PP RAW, and stopped in 2010.

I turned to SOOC and learned all the settings in my image processor, and the advantages of knowing without hesitation the advantages of custom profiles.

Have not shot much RAW, or done that much post processing since 2010. I PP in the image processor, and using custom profiles, BEFORE the image goes to the memory card as a JPEG, or a TIFF. Both of those formats can be post processed if needed.

SOOC.. you heard it here more often than elsewhere, and with better time savings and IQ results.

I begrudge the four years wasted on RAW. Wasted time when you are selling your work. I sold more work with film.
Interesting. I first started shooting RAW in 2005.... (show quote)

I'm curious. You always shoot in JPG and let the camera decide, based on whatever camera settings you have, but you say you use custom profiles? Is that just the in-camera setting you decide upon? How does this work out for you when you are shooting in very low light, shots right at or after sunset/sunrise, or when you are shooting moving animals in different light settings as they move? Do you have trouble with blown out highlights in variable conditions? In situations where you need to darken the sky but lighten the landscape, how does this work directly from the camera? Thanks for any clairification on this.
Jan 12, 2017 04:33:53   #
RWR (a regular here)
cochese wrote:
I am interested in how to save as TIFF files in camera. Is this a setting that is possible with a Canon 60D?

If I could shoot 16 bit TIFF I would have no use for RAW at all, but my camera only shoots TIFF as 8 bit so I’m forced to shoot RAW and convert to get a 16 bit TIFF. Hopefully your camera is better.
Jan 12, 2017 17:48:00   #
Collie lover
ptcanon3ti wrote:
Don't live in the'll waste the time you have left.

I like this. I'll have to remember it.
Jan 14, 2017 12:12:09   #
Sorry to be ignorant, but what is SOOC?
Jan 14, 2017 13:18:39   #
Bobcat87 wrote:
Sorry to be ignorant, but what is SOOC?

See above
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