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Photo Gallery
Challenge: Weekend 6/1 thru 6/3/13, Patterns in Nature
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Jun 2, 2013 10:53:13   #
Fred Ann
A pleasant drive this morning resulted in these photo captures.
A couple of interesting ground covering lichens which I found upon a hill side. Their names are self describing according to their appearance, The first are called 'British Soldiers' having to do with the red-jacketed British soldiers of colonial days; and the second is called 'Pink Earth', a rather pretty pink groundcovering. Thirdly, There is a lovely small waterfall in this area and studying the photo.I can find a few patterns radiating from the base of the falls.
British Soldiers Lichen

more British soldiers

Pink Earth Lichen

More Pink Earth Lichen

Scribner Brook Falls

Jun 2, 2013 11:48:31   #
A little more fun~~
Pattern In Feathers

Patterns Reflections Make

Archived Pattern In Blooms

Jun 2, 2013 12:03:30   #
Jim Carr
This is an 'archive dive' from our recent trip to Switzerland.
Vignetted grapes


View from plane

Reflections of a Swan

Pink flower

White and purple flowers


Jun 2, 2013 12:24:04   #
AuntieM (a regular here)
Here are a few of mine.
Grand Prismatic Spring patterns

Death Valley sand patterns

Striped sandstone - Arizona

Cracked mud - Paria River - Arizona

Jun 2, 2013 13:01:21   #
Agnesm (a regular here)
AnnMurrey wrote:
pretty busy the last few days but so have you. Here is what I'd like to share.

first one and the last one are the ones that I like the best.
Jun 2, 2013 13:02:46   #
Agnesm (a regular here)
wowbmw wrote:
Love to see patterns in nature. Thank you for the topic and your various examples. Here a a few to add to the wonderful postings I'm seeing.

Nice wild iris.
Jun 2, 2013 13:05:14   #
Agnesm (a regular here)
edgorm wrote:
Here are some from the files. I'll go out and look for more later.
#1 is a pattern I noticed on the beach one day. These "figures" in the sand were spaced about 2 feet apart and were virtually identical for about 300 feet along the beach. Repetitive patterns caused by the random action of the tide.
#2 The patterns of migrating cormorants.
#3 A set of driplets after the rain.
#4 The eternal beauty of a spider web in the fog.

Nice pictures. all of them are good.
Jun 2, 2013 13:06:51   #
Agnesm (a regular here)
Dutchbug wrote:
Wow....I feel like I have been gone forever!! Back in time for a great challenge!! Sorry I missed the challenges the last couple of weeks!!

the second and last i like the best.
Jun 2, 2013 13:11:34   #
Agnesm wrote:
the second and last i like the best.

Thank you Agnesm!! The 2nd one was last weekend fishing at Jenks Lake, it is so beautiful there and the last is of my Trumpet Lily from Hawaii before it blooms.
Jun 2, 2013 13:54:58   #
lnightng7 (a regular here)
You are correct that they are houseplants. Too cold here too!
plessner wrote:
Many beautiful patterns. Is it warm enough there for the one in the first pic to grow outside? I only see them as houseplants here and I love them.
Jun 2, 2013 14:04:59   #
lnightng7 (a regular here)
Thanks for the tour of Yosemite!!! Great photos!
Jun 2, 2013 14:09:01   #
Jim Carr
lnightng7 wrote:
Thanks for the tour of Yosemite!!! Great photos!

Thank you. I'm glad you liked them.
Jun 2, 2013 14:35:00   #
lnightng7 (a regular here)
more for today....
Since Bushido was looking for cracked mud..Low POV....

at the Shedd's aquarium

Potato vines under the coleus..On the streets of Chicago

I think this was in Banana Republic store window

fish tank at the Shedd Aquarium

Jun 2, 2013 15:15:41   #
William (a regular here)
I said WOW ... Ed Wood ... WOW

Jun 2, 2013 15:24:24   #
PAToGraphy (a regular here)
Left off on P5 and now we're on P 26…that's great, but guess I'll just have to start where I am…Someone has likely posted similar but I need some new stuff. These were within the last 10 days.
Raindrop patterns and ribbons of gold - over the dam

Under a fern

Hosta in the Rain

"Banana" (?) leaf

Winter wood pile (archive)

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